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Hail the King Chapter 435.2

Chapter 435: Hard Fight (Part Two)

One silver dragon!

Two silver dragons……

Three silver dragons……

Ten silver dragons!!!

As Fei continued to roar, he used this technique multiple times. As time passed, Fei’s understanding of [Whirlwind] got better and better. The sword energies were becoming more solid-like, and the metal silver dragon comprised of all the sword energies looked like a real dragon that was soaring in the sky.

This scene shocked everyone.

On the sand hill where it was protected by all the soldiers of Jax, Fairenton and Modoc looked at each other and saw the shock in each other’s eyes.

Modoc was always calm and collected, but he broke that persona this time. He had never seen a Star-level Warrior this powerful before! This King of Chambord was able to continuously use this powerful technique, and the damage this technique could do increased over time…… if this was anyone else, their bodies would have collapsed a long time ago. “I’m no match for him!” he thought.

“No…… No wonder Master said that Senior Brother Modoc couldn’t battle with King Alexander. He is this strong?!” Fairenton was almost numbed by all the surprises that Fei put him through.

Although they couldn’t see the expression on their master’s face, Fairenton and Modoc clearly heard a “Huh?” from their master.

On top of the defense wall of Dual-Flags City.

Cech, Torres, Drogba, and other Star-level Warriors shouted and wanted to help when they saw Fei in an extremely disadvantageous situation.

“Stop! No one is allowed to move! Anyone who moves will be punished with the crime of treason!” Fei sensed what was happening on the defense wall, and he shouted to stop everyone immediately.

The huge hand coming at him from 100 meters away was too powerful! If the warriors of Zenit tried to help him, they might be smashed into meat paste before they could help.

“Elena! Stop and go back to the city!” Fei used [Whirlwind] as he said to the Valkyrie whose armor was stained with blood.

What responded to him was a series of bowstring vibrations.

The icy magic arrows were still being shot at the huge hand that was about 50 meters away from them now.

Fei smiled bitterly and didn’t say anything else.

He suddenly remembered that he promised this Valkyrie that they were going to face everything together didn’t matter how dangerous it was. Although Elena listened to all of his orders before, she wasn’t going to obey this time!

Although the situation was difficult, Fei wasn’t desperate.

His eyes were glowing brighter and brighter.

Even a smile appeared on his face.

Although that huge hand was giving him a ton of pressure and his bones and muscles were being damaged by it, he clearly sensed a special change occurring in his body slowly.

Fei vaguely felt like he grasped onto something very special and unique. As if a caterpillar finally saw a break of light after staying in the cocoon for a long time, he knew that this matter was significant!

That huge hand was getting closer and closer, and the pressure he was feeling was getting more and more intense.

Almost all of Fei’s magic items were broken except for the only level 8 crown-like helmet on his head. His body had many cracks in it, and his bones were making a series of squeaking noises as some of the weaker bones were already broken.

Elena stopped attacking.

She switched to Paladin Mode and placed her palms together as if she was praying sincerely. A golden battle ring appeared under her feet, and energy waves dispersed into the area. She didn’t care about the injuries on her own body as she used all of her energy to inject golden flames into Fei’s body.

Paladin Skill – [Prayer]!

In this dangerous situation, Elena used this skill to heal Fei.

Her mind was completely focused on Fei; she ignored her own injuries and the insane pressure coming at her from the man in red. With her palms together and eyes tightly shut, she had a very devoted expression on her face as she prayed for her loved one.

Although Fei’s body was severely injured, his eyes were still bright as he chugged down [Full Rejuvenation Potion] and used [Whirlwind].


Inside Dual-Flags City.

Inside a beautiful yard located in the fancy Mayor’s Mansion.

“Ah! Why is my heart hurting so much? This feeling…… could it be that Alexander……” Angela who was washing Blacky with Emma suddenly opened her eyes wide and looked in Fei’s direction. She was feeling very anxious as if something she treasured was slowly leaving her.

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