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Hail the King Chapter 44

Chapter 44: Super Strong Men


Lampard didn’t expect Alexander to have such a request. In such a dangerous situation, the first thing that came to Fei’s mind was not his own safety, but the safety of Angela and Emma. This raised his image of Alexander by a couple points.

However, it was only a couple points because of Fei’s decision to leave the castle and initiate the attack, which lowered his image.

Even the dumbest person in Chambord could tell that initiating an attack would be worst decision ever. It would only get the precious soldiers of Chambord killed for no returns. Moreover it would give the well-trained and equipped enemies an even bigger advantage.

Lampard accepted the fact that Alexander was strong and brave looking back at the siege battle the day before, to a point where it was way beyond his estimations. However, when it came to warfare, if one didn’t have the strength or power of a moon ranked master, individual strength wouldn’t solve many problems. Lampard didn’t want to see Alexander become arrogant after a couple wins.

“If I use a sneak attack, maybe I can destroy those trebuchets, so……you don’t have to rush towards your death.”

For the old friend whose soul was already in heaven and for the pure and innocent Angela, Lampard decided that even though his old hidden internal injuries had relapsed, he had to try to destroy those trebuchets. They were the biggest threat to Chambord. However, there was a huge risk……The only hope he had was if the trebuchets weren’t protected by high star ranked warriors or mages.

“Uncle Lampard, it’s not just the problem of a few trebuchets. In this situation, even if you could destroy all the trebuchets, Chambord won’t hold long under the enemy attacks…… Relax, a guy that is terrified of death like me won’t do anything too risky.”

After Fei said that, his expression became serious and he got closer to Lampard. He whispered, “Besides, you have to stay on the defensive wall. You are the only one that can restrain the hidden poisonous snake.”

Lampard’s expression suddenly changed.

“You found out as well?”

A mysterious smile came onto Fei’s face. He nodded slightly, “Eh, too bad I only discovered a few clues; I’m not sure who it is exactly …… But I feel like you’re the only who can temporarily contain him.”

Lampard nodded, but his expression tightened the next second. He glanced at Fei; a blue water-like energy suddenly appeared and covered his right arm. He didn’t say anything and stepped up, and the energy that covered his arm grew even bigger. A punch that was as fast as lightning was aimed at Fei’s chest.

The mountain-like pressure exploded and pressed on everyone surrounding Lampard and Fei as the punch travelled towards Fei. No one would’ve thought that the number one warrior of Chambord would attack King Alexander. Numerous gasps sounded on the defensive wall.

However, it seemed like Fei was expecting it, and was not scared at all.


Fei threw a punch as well. There weren’t any skills contained in the punch. It was pure physical strength. Although it didn’t contain any energy, the fist had left a series of afterimages as it blew through the air.


The two fists collided with each other forcefully.

Suddenly, an enormous energy wave exploded outward from the center of the collision. Like a strong cyclone, the nearby soldiers had to close their eyes to deal with the huge blast. Some of them even yelled as they were pushed back by the energy wave; they couldn’t even hold on to their weapons.

The blue water-like energy that covered Lampard’s right arm was shattered and quickly disappeared. Lampard himself shook as he barely stood still.

Fei was sent back three steps by the collision. His breathing was rapid; his right hand felt numb and his right arm was sore and in pain.

“Nice!” Lampard nodded. He was pleased as he looked at Fei. However, he was even more surprised and shocked. Fei’s progress was almost too ridiculous for him to understand. The number one warrior finally agreed with Fei’s decision. “You strength is enough to protect yourself down there. Okay, I will stay on the defensive wall, and you can initiate the attack……But remember, if the situation gets too dangerous, don’t be stubborn. Destroy a few trebuchets and come back with the soldiers. We just have to hold them off for a little bit longer. Zenit Empire will soon be notified and reinforcements will arrive.” Lampard said with a complex expression on his face.

This was the first time that Lampard had said this much to Alexander. Although he didn’t say too much, Fei felt the care and concern that Lampard had for him.

“Eh, trust me, I will know what to do.”

Fei bowed to Lampard, then turned around and walked back to the watch tower.

When Lampard attacked him, Fei knew that he was testing his strength. Lampard would only let him leave the castle if his strength was up to Lampard’s standards.

The test also verified Fei’s prior predictions; a level 12 Barbarian could defeat a two star warrior, but would have a hard time battling against a three star warrior.

When Lampard punched him, Fei tried to counter it with all the strength he had, but that only shattered the energy that covered Lampard’s arm. Fei on the other hand was pushed back a couple steps and lost control of the battle.

“I have to improve my strength, fast!” Fei decided. Once Chambord overcame this situation, he would go back to the Diablo World right away to level up his characters and increase his strength and power. The only way to survive and protect his close ones on this war-filled Azeroth Continent was to be powerful and have a strong influence.

When Fei got back to the watchtower, Brook was waiting for him with twenty tough men.

These guys were all about 7 feet tall (210cm) and half-naked, displaying their super muscular body that contained explosive powers. They were covered in dark body hair, which made them look like humanoid beasts from the wilderness.

These were the strong men that Brook picked out.

“Boom, boom – !”

Fei nodded and hammered the chest of a big guy who was standing beside him: “Warrior, tell me your name.”

“Drogba, your majesty. Dider Drogba!”

“Alright, show me your strength, warrior Drogba.” Fei asked while smiling.

A humble smile appeared on Drogba’s face as he heard that. He looked around and walked to the watchtower. He bent his back and held onto a square battlement that had a five yard (5m) width. His upper body muscles rose as he applied force and he picked it off of the ground firmly.

Fei was delighted. The battlement was at least six, seven hundred pounds, but Drogba didn’t have any trouble picking it up. It seemed like that was not his limit. Fei had to admit that the people on Azeroth Continent had much stronger bodies compared to people on Earth. This man called Drogba could easily win the Strong Man World Competition on Earth.

“Great! Such an invincible warrior!” Fei appraised Drogba as he laughed. He walked up to Drogba and single-handedly grabbed the battlement from Drogba. He applied some force to the battlement and it flew tens of yards (m) away. “Boom!” The battlement crushed into the ground and blew up a ton of dust.

The ease Fei had when throwing the battlement had shocked the twenty strong men.

Drogba was the strongest among them all, and he only pick up the battlement with two hands, yet King Alexander threw the battlement single-handedly as if it was a water battle. “What kind of strength was that? Unthinkable!”

The strong men were 100% conquered. They stared at Fei with excitement. That was what Fei wanted to see.

In the Barbarian Mode, a level 12 Barbarian could exert about five thousand pounds of force. Limitless physical strength was the definition of a Barbarian. The only way to transform these strong, muscular men into loyal subordinates was to beat them at what they did best.

“You guys are the strongest men in Chambord in terms of your physical strength, but I’m not sure if your courage is as strong as your physical strength.” Fei stimulated the strong men to pump up their morale.

After Fei finished talking, all the men’s eyes turned red from rage. Some of them pumped their chests and others cracked their joints; they couldn’t wait to show what they are made of.

“Hahaha. Great. I’m going to leave the castle and teach those bastards a memorable lesson. How about that? Do you guys dare to go with me and make them run back to their mommies?” Fei suddenly turned around and pointed at the enemies that were on the bridge, like a giant crawling snake.

“Your Majesty, I’ve wanted to go and teach them a lesson for a long time now!” The big guy Drogba yelled as he swung his fists.

“Your Majesty, I want to be the head soldier and charge at the very front.”

“I can f--k them all up by myself, hahaha, how could I be scared of them?”

“I’ve smashed twenty one skulls, and I don’t mind smashing a couple more.”

After the strong men heard Fei’s decision, none of them were scared, but rather excited. They couldn’t wait to charge into the enemies.

At this moment –

“Your Majesty, what you need is ready.”

Pierce yelled from far away. It attracted everyone’s attention. There were about forty soldiers following Pierce. They sweated as they carried sets of astonishing ultra heavy knight armour up the defensive wall.

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