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Hail the King Chapter 440.1

Chapter 440: Sacred Armor (Part One)

Fei was wearing the best armor he could buy from the NPC in [Harrogath]. Although it was only a level 5 item, it offered a good defense. With dual-swords [Bul-Kathos’ Children] in his hands, none of the demons in the palace could defend against Fei’s attacks.

Since he was in a time crunch to save the girls, the King didn’t try to reserve his mana. As he chugged down [Mana Potions], he used [Whirlwind] continuously.

For a moment, sword energies were flying everywhere.

Under the power of the level 99 Barbarian, [Whirlwind] was being performed at an extremely amazing level. The sword energies that were invisible now turned to the color silver, and they chopped everything in front of Fei.

When the powerful demons charged at Fei, they were all killed like crops under the sickle of a farmer.

In front of the raging king, these demons had no chance of winning.

In less than half an hour, Fei arrived at the third level of [Worldstone Keep] – [Throne of Destruction].

This was where the final boss Baal was located.

On a huge altar that was made from numerous cracked bones and dried blood, final boss Baal who looked like a combination of a spider and an octopus was sitting there. Its huge body that was more than 20 meters tall opened its terrifying big mouth and laughed. Behind him, there was a void that had a ton of red bloody energy leaking out of it; it looked like it was a waterfall of death.

However, Fei knew that this Baal was only a mirror image of itself; it wasn’t the real Baal.

Just like how Fei remembered from the game in his previous life, a cloud of red fire would shoot out Baal’s mouth every time it laughed.

It was a way of summing demons.

When the fires landed on the ground, they would turn into hundreds of demons.

There were all kinds of demons! Powerful demons from all the maps such as [Rogue Encampment] and [Harrogath] appeared, and they charged at Fei with sharp weapons and thick armors.

However, the King was even more frenzy than them.

“[Whirlwind]!! Chop! Chop! Chop!!!”

As the King roared, his voice covered the shouts coming from the demons. The silver bladestorm covered the entire palace, various colored blood that had strong corrosion effects formed a pond, and the demons died in their own blood.

In the end, Baal’s summoning speed wasn’t as fast as Fei’s killing speed.

Fei clearly sensed that a ton of experience points flowed into his body as he felt a warm energy. Normally, this much experience points would have made the Barbarian Character level up. But this time, didn’t matter how much experience points he got, his level didn’t change.

Finally, Baal that was laughing on the altar disappeared after an hour, and it stopped summoning demons.

After Fei killed all the demons around him, he stepped onto Baal’s throne that looked like an altar, and he then entered the bloody waterfall-like portal behind the throne without hesitation.

After a few seconds, Fei opened his eyes and saw a new space.

[Worldstone Chamber] was very different from the [Worldstone Keep] prior; it was a lot smaller and darker.

The walls around [Worldstone Chamber] looked ancient, and there was a ton of dust on them, making them look ragged. Many ceiling pieces had already fallen onto the floor that was made from ancient stone plates, and most of the floor also cracked up. This place looked like a tomb that was going to collapse at any moment.

Perhaps it was due to the corrosion power from the Hell, the palace was very dark and gloomy. Fei’s visibility was greatly reduced due to the thick bloody fog in the air and the deadly, poisonous, and moist air flowing around him.

This was the place of the final battle; this should be the ending location in Diablo World.

The Baal that appeared in [Throne of Destruction] was only a mirror image, and the real Baal was hiding here.

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  1. Akabane

    Kinda funny, for season 15 on Diablo 3 the barbarian’s equipment set is for the Whirlwind build

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