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Hail the King Chapter 441.1

Chapter 441: Mysterious Stone Room (Part One)

Fei didn’t expect that he would be able to get a god-tier item like [Immortal King’s Soul Cage – Sacred Armor]! It was one of the set items that made up the Exceptional Set called [Immortal King]! Fei was fortunate that he was able to get this piece!

In Diablo World, all seven professions had their own top-tier green item sets.

The best item set that the Barbarian could get was this [Immortal King] that was rumored to be the item set that Bul-Kathos, the father of Barbarians, used when he was alive. Bul-Kathos was known as the Immortal King when he was alive, so this item set inherited that name.

There were six components in this set including a helmet, a hammer, an armor, a belt, a pair of gauntlets, and a pair of boots. The bonus power this set provided when it was completed was insane, and many Barbarian players in the game in Fei’s previous life dreamed of completing this set as the components were all hard to get.

What Fei got right now was the armor component of the item set, [Immortal King’s Soul Cage – Sacred Armor]. Its style was very cool, and its flashiness was indescribable! This armor included the chest plates, shoulder guards, arm guards, elbow guards, waist protector, and leg protectors. In total, this armor covered up to 60% of Fei’s body.

In addition, the design of the armor and its artistic style was unmatched. It wasn’t restraining to wear at all like other armors.

It was a heavy armor that only the gods could make!

Fei was so excited that his body twitched uncontrollably. Without hesitation, he threw away the armor he was wearing that cost him 100,000 gold coins and put on this [Immortal King’s Soul Cage – Sacred Armor].

He instantly felt an unprecedented power.

Light, comfort, power, security, beauty……

All these words that described this armor flashed in Fei’s head; although this was a heavy armor, it was almost weightless. When Fei put it on, he felt like he was wearing a silk robe. Currently, almost everything under Fei’s neck was protected by this godly armor. As if this armor was magical and had its own mind, it started to adjust itself to fit Fei’s body perfectly.

At this moment, the King looked like a god of war who was fully armed and just traveled through time. His unparalleled wild presence created numerous sound waves, and he somehow also looked like Bul-Kathos himself.

With the armor on him, Fei was able to see the properties of this perfect armor.

“Defense: 999, Durability: 100, Required Strength: 290, Required Level: 78, 50% chance to cast level 10 Fire Enchant when struck, +50% Poison Resist, +600 to Defense, +2 to Combat Skills (Barbarian)……”

If Fei was wearing this godly armor during the battle with that man in red, he wouldn’t be that defenseless and won’t be that injured.

“Too bad I only have one piece. If I can get all other five pieces in the [Immortal King], hehe……” Fei giggled dumbly. He knew that he could only dream about that as this goal was almost impossible to achieve in his lifetime.

After Fei put on the godly armor, his combat ability increased a lot, and he started to check out his other prizes.

Except for this green set item, there were also 2 level 6 items. One of them was a pair of heavy battle boots called [Giant’s Rage – Storm Boots] which had the following properties: +50% movement speed and 25% chance to cast level 5 Enchant [Frosty Stars] when struck. The other one was a golden harpoon called [Titan’s Fury] which offered a damage of 99.

Except that, there was also a level 8 item called [Recker’s Palms]. Its properties were defense: 299, Durability: 89, +25% penetration, and added frost damage. Overall, it was a great metal gauntlet.

As the final boss in the Normal Mode, Baal did gift Fei some great items that other demons and monsters couldn’t. Although Fei lost a lot of his items when battling with that man in red today, he got what he needed back after this kill.

He instantly equipped [Giant’s Rage – Storm Boots] and [Recker’s Palms]. However, he didn’t like using harpoons, so he had no use for [Titan’s Fury]. He put it in his bag and planned to sell it to the NPCs in the city.

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