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Hail the King Chapter 441.2

Chapter 441: Mysterious Stone Room (Part Two)

After all this, he used a [Town Portal Scroll] and went back to [Harrogath].

“Human, you must destroy the stained [Worldstone]! Otherwise, the world will be destroyed! You will be lured by the evil forces and turn in to a demon, and you will never get out……”

Before Fei stepped into the portal, the roars of the Archangel Tyrael were still sounding in the [Worldstone Chamber] that was collapsing. Somehow, Fei sensed a faint anger in the voice as if this dull NPC suddenly got some emotions.

“Maybe I’m just mishearing things.”

After Fei went to [Harrogath], he sold all the stuff that he didn’t need to NPC Anya. Then, without hesitation, he went back to [Rogue Encampment] and entered that mysterious stone room in the voids using the spatial portal that was already set up there.


“You are earlier than I thought. Did you defeat Baal already?” Akara who was carefully studying something with Cain looked up and asked when she saw Fei’s appearance.

“Eh,” Fei nodded as he took out that stained [Worldstone].

“Looks like the traveling poets in this world are correct; love is the best stimulus for a warrior…… oh, so this is the [Worldstone]? God! Such a beautiful piece! It is even more beautiful than I imagined. If it wasn’t stained by the power of the Hell, it would be even more perfect!” Akara and Cain both stopped what they were working on and stared at the red [Worldstone] as lights flashed in their eyes.

Fei passed the [Worldstone] to them.

“Oh! No, no, no…… we don’t dare to touch this majestic piece of art,” as if they saw a piece of burning iron, both of them backed off as they shook their heads and waved their hands. “It is too dangerous! We will for sure turn into demons if we touched it. The only person who can hold it and still be fine is you who defeated Baal. There would be trouble if other people touched it.”

“OK, I got it,” Fei put the stained [Worldstone] into his bag and asked nervously, “Did you guys find a way to purify it?”

“Almost! Mr. Fei, don’t worry; there is enough time, please wait for a moment.”

After Fei mentioned this, the two mad scientists went back to work. Fei saw them studying the book [Demon King’s Wisdom]; the two of them already decoded and broke through the lock put up by the stone lanterns flowing in the air, and they already took this book out of its original spot.

At the moment, they were absorbed as if they discovered something they never knew before on the last page of the book.

Fei had to hold on to the anxiety he was feeling and wait patiently.

This mysterious stone room was discovered in the basement of the headquarter of Blood-Edge Mercenary Group. Except for [Demon King’s Wisdom], there was also a golden skeleton with a huge ax in its hand.

Fei turned around and look at this golden skeleton that was a lot smaller than an ordinary human, and he knew that this skeleton was a very powerful creature when it was alive. It had died a long time ago as its flesh was all gone, but its bones still gave Fei a very dangerous sensation.

When Fei first saw this skeleton, he thought that this skeleton was a Moon-Class Elite when it was alive, but it was clear that he was wrong.

After he tried to get close to this skeleton as a level 99 Barbarian, he realized that he still couldn’t do it. If he wanted to get within five meters of this skeleton, he would be shredded into pieces by that huge powerful pressure alone.

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      Outside of the Rogue camp, everything else (including angels) has been an NPC – Why waste time trying to convince something that’s programmed to only do a certain thing?

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