Chapter 442: Mythical Altar (Part One)

The more powerful Fei got, the more powerful this golden skeleton was in his eyes.

Time passed the slowest when a person was bored of waiting. Therefore, Fei put on his new gauntlet [Recker’s Palms] and tried to put his hands within five meters of that golden skeleton. Instantly, the crackling noise sounded, and the durability of this pair of level 8 item, which was the highest-leveled item in Diablo World, dropped drastically; it almost got destroyed in an instant.

“Too dangerous…… this is only a skeleton of an entity who died long ago. This sensation…… this entity was probably far above the realm of Moon-Class…… Even the Sun-Class Lords probably can’t compare……”

The King was shocked.

As time passed by, Fei grew more powerful, and his understanding of this continent and its power structure got clearer. As a result, he was able to sense the power level of this skeleton now clearly. In fact, he could tell that this golden ax in its hand was a god-tier item, and Fei really wanted to get his hands on it.

Without question, Fei knew that he could have easily killed that man in red if he had this golden ax in his hand today during battle.

However, the sensation that this golden skeleton was emitting was too dangerous, and there was no way that Fei could get this ax.

He could only stand there and watch this item shine.

“When I get powerful enough, I will come and take this ax for sure!”

The King thought to himself and got even more curious about the origin of this skeleton. “How did such a powerful entity die in this small mysterious stone room? It feels like someone severely injured this entity! How terrifying must the other entity be?”

“Oh, god! It is finished! Haha! Finally!…… Mr. Fei, come to check this out!” Akara and Cain shouted as they waved their arms crazily; they looked like they discovered a new continent.

They cheered, “We found a way!”

“This……” Fei rushed over in excitement.

It seemed like these two mad scientists had activated a hidden magic array on [Demon King’s Wisdom]. A dash of greenish-blue light shot out of the last page of the book, and it projected an image into the air. It was an image of a huge ancient structure that looked like an altar; it was almost 1,000 meters tall. Overall, it seemed like a huge pillar that extended into the sky, and it didn’t look like it was something that humans could create. There were 18 huge green warrior statues that were more than 100 meters tall around this altar, and somehow, they gave Fei a strange familiar sensation……

A dash of lightning flashed in Fei’s head as he suddenly realized why these statues looked familiar to him.

He turned around, looked at that golden skeleton, and realized that these 18 warrior statues weren’t about humans but rather a species that this golden skeleton belonged to. From the look of their sizes, it seemed like they were the creatures that only existed in the tales told by the traveling poets; they were all dwarves!

This golden skeleton was a dwarf before!

He was a mighty dwarf!

Fei forced himself to calm down and carefully observe the image projected by [Demon King’s Wisdom] as it showed the location of the altar and possibly the path to it. After all, it was the only thing that could purify the [Worldstone].

“Mr. Fei, from what we found in the book, if we can find this Mythical Altar, we would be able to use its power to purify the [Worldstone],” Cain said. Although this old man had been overworking lately, he was still energetic. With his messy hair and beard, he said, “It is magical! Such a thing exists in this world?”

Fei frowned and interrupted, “One second. Can one of you tell me where this altar is at?”

“Eh…… this…… we don’t know…… not yet……” Akara and Cain got embarrassed, and their faces turned red. With their heads lowered, they gave Fei a lousy answer.

Fei was a little speechless.

For a moment, he felt like kicking their a---s for hyping him up so much.

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