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Hail the King Chapter 442.2

Chapter 442: Mythical Altar (Part Two)

As if he sensed the mood of the Supreme Leader, Cain quickly stroked his white beard and said, “Mr. Fei, this is the best method that we can come up with. You have to know that although this [Worldstone] is small, it is the core of Diablo World and is what kept the world running. If we want to purify it, we need a ton of divine and positive power. Only this Mythical Altar recorded in this [Demon King’s Wisdom] fit this criterion.”

“Yeah, from this image, we can see that this Mythical Altar is at least 1,000 meters tall. Such a magnificent structure must be famous in this world. If you pay more attention to similar structures, we might find it in no time. Such structure must be famous, and there must be records on it……” Akara tried to explain the situation to Fei.

Fei didn’t say anything.

To his knowledge, there wasn’t such a thing called Mythical Altar in this world. For a while, the King was very interested in all kinds of tales and legends on this continent, and he read up on a lot of the histories and books. However, he had never heard nor seen anything even close to this.

It would be impossible to find this altar; it was like seeking a needle in the ocean. Perhaps he couldn’t even find it in his lifetime, let alone in three months.

However, Fei knew that he had to keep calm. After he forced himself to calm down, he looked at the image in the air carefully; he was more concentrated than historians who were trying to spot the real artifact from the fakes. This image in front of him was the only thing that gave him clues, and he had to study it like an exam.

After he looked at it again and again for three minutes in detail, he finally found a vital clue.

“This…… mermaid-like creature?”

Fei’s heart skipped a beat as his body shivered in excitement.

The King suddenly realized that tiny black creatures were flowing around this large altar. These creatures were flowing so fast that they left thin black afterimages. Fei didn’t spot these creatures at first; but after he concentrated on the image more, he realized that they were mermaid-like creatures that were swimming around rapidly like lightning.

He instantly connected it to the scene he saw in the underground ocean under Dual-Flags City. There were a ton of structures at the bottom……

“Could it be that this magnificent Mythical Altar is in the vast underground ocean?”

The more Fei thought about it, the more real it became.

The underground ocean was vast and was almost limitless. It was very mysterious as no one knew about it, and there weren’t a lot of records about the mermaid-like creatures; Fei only found one drawing of them in the Mayor’s Mansion. It was almost clear that the structures at the bottom of the underground ocean belonged to a Mythical Ruins that was yet to be discovered. If this Mythical Altar that was more than 1,000 meters tall existed in this world and was not known to people, the underground ocean was one of the few places that it could be at.

“Doesn’t matter what is going on, I have to dive into the underground ocean and seek out the only clue I have.”

After he made his decision, Fei memorized this image that was projected out of the last page on [Demon King’s Wisdom]. He then cut off the energy injection into the book, and this image disappeared. Without the energy, [Demon King’s Wisdom] stopped glowing and returned to its dark and ordinary look. Without the lights, this book looked a little ragged. If it was thrown on the street, no one would pick it up.

“You guys can keep this book and continue studying it.”

Fei sighed and said after he saw Akara and Cain looking at him like puppies that were waiting to be fed. He wasn’t planning to keep this book with him in the first place. He knew that there was too much valuable information on this book, and it was a waste on his hand. Only mad scientists like Akara and Cain could really utilize this book and uncover the real values.

“Hehe, great! Thank you, Supreme Leader!” Cain was glad that he got [Demon King’s Wisdom] back, and he let go of the breath he was holding in. Suddenly, as if he thought of something, he took out four scrolls that had faint purple lights around them and gave them to Fei; it looked like he was trying to gift something great.

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