Chapter 443: Strict Master, Caring Elder (Part One)

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“They are……?” Fei asked. He could tell that they were different from [Town Teleport Scroll] and [Identify Scroll].

“They are the product of our research…… they are terrifying Imprisonment Scrolls,” Cain said proudly. After they studied the mysterious runes flowing around on the yellow walls as well as the magic arrays on the five stone lanterns that were floating in the air imprisoning [Demon King’s Wisdom], they used the same principles and created these scrolls. Although the power of these scrolls was unstable, their imprisonment abilities are insane. After activation, each of the scrolls was able to create a spherical dark light prison that was able to capture and lock up a powerful master.

“Hehe, Mr. Fei, if you got locked up in one of them, you might not be able to break free in a day,” Akara and Cain were proud as they said that.

Fei nodded but still asked doubtfully, “So, the dark light prison could only last a day?”

“This is only our primary research project. The weaker the target is, the longer he or she would be locked up…… we are still trying to come up with better versions. If there is enough time, we might be able to create a powerful scroll that could even lock up Sun-Class Lords. It is easy to use these scrolls; you only need to put in some magic energy and use your spiritual energy to lock onto a target……” Cain instantly opened his eyes wide and explained when he saw Fei doubting the power of the scrolls.

The King nodded.

Although Cain and Akara weren’t that powerful, they were great at research and innovation. As if they made up Fei’s high-tech laboratory, they kept on coming up with new products and items.

“Technology capability is the driving force behind productivity.”

This was a famous saying by someone on Earth, and it fitted the situation on Azeroth Continent as well. These two mad scientists worth a lot more than a troop that was invincible! Fei believed that there were similarities between magic civilization and technology civilization, and he thought that the products of technology could be recreated using magic. In order to do so, he had to rely on these two elders.

After thinking everything through, Fei was no longer than anxious.

“Thank you two for the hard work,” Fei thanked the two after he looked at the tired faces in front of him; he felt sorry for pushing them so hard.

“As long as you know! Humph!” Cain blew on his long white beard and then laughed, “However, it is our interest. Studying and learning about the mystic magic energy is my goal in life!” an intoxicated expression appeared on his face when he said that.

Akara also nodded along. Fei always had strange ideas, but these ideas would challenge them and make them think outside the box. Although they would create a lot of small items that couldn’t do much damage in battle, the fun of creating new things fitted with the mindset of these two elders.

“Oh, right! Mr. Fei, phrase one of the re-construction of Chambord City is completed. We had adjusted our original plan according to some of the ideas in [Demon King’s Wisdom], and I’m sure that you will be surprised when you go back,” Cain thought about something and said. He was proud of his work, and he wanted Fei to see the masterpiece.

“I will go back in a little while,” Fei nodded and replied. He suddenly thought of something as well and added, “I have an idea……”

Cain and Akara instantly focused and held onto their breath.

Every time Fei said that he had an idea, it was usually interesting and unheard of. To mad scientists like Akara and Cain, these ideas were like feasts in their eyes.

“Could we build these teleportation portals that exist in [Rogue Encampment] in this world? Since this type of teleportation could work in Diablo World, it must be able to work in this world. If we can make it work, then my troops would be able to appear anywhere without worrying about being trapped.

Actually, Fei had been thinking about this issue for a while now. Especially after how the situation in Jax Battle Zone went, he felt like it was more urgent to test this hypothesis. If this type of long-range teleportation portals would work in the real world, then it would become one of Fei’s secret weapons. The troops would be able to go between Dual-Flags City and Death Ancient City freely, and the food and supplies would be able to be transferred between the cities easily even if the invaders of Jax surrounded the two cities entirely.

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