Chapter 443: Strict Master, Caring Elder (Part Two)

“This…… The portals in Diablo World are all created by powerful entities long ago, and we only inherited them. We could only use them as the theories behind building them are too complex and too mystic. We would have a hard time decoding them as the relevant documents and books are all gone, and some of the key bits of knowledge disappeared in history. It would be very tough to recreate them……” Cain said.

Soon, he continued as he stroked his beard, “however, we discovered a lot of interesting things on this [Demon King’s Wisdom]. If we can find the other book called [Demon King’s Strength], we might have an 80% of recreating the portals.”

“Alright, I got it,” Fei nodded; he knew that it couldn’t be forced. After he chatted with the two a little longer, he left this stone room.

He had to enter the underground ocean and see if he could get to the structures at the bottom. Finding the Mythical Altar and using it to purify the stained [Worldstone] was the only way to save his loved ones.



The sun was setting, and there were a dozen new tents in the campsites of Jax.

There were 12 people from Big Snow Mountain. Except for the mighty man in red who was known as [Snow Mountain Hermit] and Moon-Class Elites Modoc and Tony, there were six Nine-Star Warriors and three servants who had the strength of Seven-Star.

After everything was arranged in the military, Prince Fairenton came into the biggest tent among these new tents to greet his master.

“Master!” although Fairenton was a prince, he was very respectful in front of this man in red as he single-kneeled.

“Get up,” the man in red nodded. At this time, the mist covering his face finally disappeared and revealed his face. He looked like he was in his 20s, and he looked quite handsome. Although there was a red mole between his brows, it added to his majestic presence. He observed Fairenton with his sharp eyes that contained wisdom and sighed, “Your cultivation slowed down.”

Fairenton got a little ashamed.

Since he left Big Snow Mountain a year ago, he was busy with creating his presence and establishing his influence in Amsterdam. When he was free, he had to study books on leading troops and controlling an empire. He couldn’t focus 100% on cultivation like how he did on Big Snow Mountain, and his progress on the path of warrior slowed down expectedly.

However, everyone had different interests; Fairenton wasn’t as interested in the path of cultivation. If he had to choose again, he wouldn’t regret his decision.

“Ah, when Emperor Fuji sent a messenger to Big Snow Mountain and wanted you to go back to Amsterdam, I didn’t agree with it. Out of the 12 disciples I have, you are the most talented; you can be considered as a genius that is rare to see in 100 years. If you can focus on cultivation, you would become a Moon-Class Elite in 30 years for sure, and you might even become a Sun-Class Lord in 100 years! I knew that the administrative duties in the Capital of Jax would slow down your progress and waste your talent…… ah, too bad that you wanted to leave Big Snow Mountain when you heard your father’s call. Looks like what I’m worried about became true…… you are an Eight-Star Warrior when you left Big Snow Mountain. With your talent, you should be a Nine-Star Warrior now, but you are still an Eight-Star Warrior…… I’m very disappointed.”

At this moment, [Snow Mountain Hermit] wasn’t that cruel master who wanted to kill his enemies. Instead, he was a strict master and a caring elder.

Modoc and Tony who lost to Fei today were also in the tent. After he heard the man in red praising Fairenton as the most talented disciple, a jealous expression appeared on Tony’s face. [Snow Mountain Hermit] saw that, but he didn’t say anything. However, there was still a flash of disappointment and helplessness in his eyes.

After Fairenton heard what the man in red said, the guilt on his face intensified. He kneeled down respectfully and said, “It is my fault for disappointing you, master. Please penalize me!”

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