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Hail the King Chapter 444.1

Chapter 444: The Guess That Was Close to the Truth (Part One)

[Snow Mountain Hermit] shook his head and said, “Since your goal is not to become the strongest warrior, why should I punish you? However, you have to remember one thing; only the true masters control everything. When Emperor Yassin defeated all the empires in the region and created a powerful empire from a small affiliated kingdom, he didn’t rely on his political affiliations, strategic calculations, his military, and the population of Zenit; he only relied on his powerful strength. Your father saved Jax that was on the brink of collapse and made it into one of the most powerful empires in the region; he relied on his strength as well. If you look around all the empires, Zenit, Spartax, Jax, Eindhoven, St. Germain…… their uprise and fall are all closely tied to the individual strength of their emperors and the top-tier warriors they had. Since you want to become the emperor of Jax, you should put more effort into cultivation. Otherwise, even if you inherited your father’s throne, you would lose a lot of power, and Jax would fall into a state of chaos due to your weakness.”

This was Fairenton’s first time hearing these honest and caring words from his master, and he was touched and felt guilty at the same time.

What [Snow Mountain Hermit] told him were all new to him! He never thought about it that way, and people around him never said that to him as well. In fact, his master’s viewpoint was almost on the opposite spectrum of the popular ideas. However, Fairenton knew that his master wasn’t lying to him. After he thought about the examples his master gave, he felt like his master was correct. Perhaps only the people at higher levels could see the world through a more transparent lens.

“I……. I got it,” Fairenton bowed and thanked his master.

The man in red sighed and said after observing Fairenton’s expression, “I hope you mean what you said. In this world, cultivation is everything.”

After he said that, he changed the topic and asked, “What is with the King of Chambord? Tell me, when did such a monster appear in Zenit? Why haven’t I heard of his name in the last few years?”

“Yes, master. This King of Chambord only came into power recently. According to the intelligence report I got from the Military Headquarter of Jax, it seems like this man’s history is a legend of its own……” Fairenton got serious and told this man in red everything he knew. Lastly, he added, “This man is great at hiding his true strength. Many people believed that he is only a Six-Star Warrior…… but from what happened today, we know that he is at least a peak Nine-Star Warrior…… Not sure if he is still hiding some of his strength……”

“You mean this man was an idiot before 18? He didn’t even have control of his kingdom, and he didn’t know anything about cultivation?” lights appeared in [Snow Mountain Hermit]’s eyes as he thought of something.

“According to the information I got from multiple sources, that seems to be the case,” although Fairenton couldn’t believe it either, he knew that the information he got wasn’t wrong.

“That is impossible!” both Modoc and Tony yelled.

“I’m only guessing, but this man has a lot of secrets…… hidden strength? I don’t think so. Maybe it is not that he is hiding his strength; perhaps it is just that his strength is increasing at an insane speed all the time, and all the information you got is inaccurate due to the time delay. According to what you said, he was a Six-Star Warrior in the recent report, he was only a bit more powerful than you when he met you, and he is able to defeat four of your Senior Brothers who are all Nine-Star and Tony who is a Moon-Class Elite easily…… it seems like anyone who is under level 5 low-tier New Moon couldn’t win against him……” lights flashed in [Snow Mountain Hermit]’s eyes when he said that; no one knew what he was thinking about.

“Since this is the case, why didn’t master kill him today?” Tony’s jealous and angry expression destroyed his handsome face. He was getting uncomfortable when Fairenton started to mention King Alexander’s name, and he couldn’t hold back his jealousy and the slight fear after hearing the comments [Snow Mountain Hermit] had for Fei.

“I said that you need to sharpen your warrior confidence by defeating him. I only taught him a lesson today,” the man in red scolded.

After that, he smiled and continued, “However, I didn’t expect to meet an old friend of mine.”

“Old friend? You mean that mysterious mage in Dual-Flags City? He is your friend?” Fairenton asked.

The man in red nodded and said, “Yeah, him. It has been many years. A lot of people thought he died, but he is lively and well. Hehe, it is time for us to clear up the past……”

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