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Hail the King Chapter 444.2

Chapter 444: The Guess That Was Close to the Truth (Part Two)

Suddenly, [Snow Mountain Hermit]’s expression turned serious as he said to Fairenton, “You shouldn’t siege the city in the next few days. If I’m not wrong, more and more masters would be coming here in the next three days. Even your mysterious father Emperor Fuji might even come here and try out his luck. Those influential figures in Zenit and other surrounding empires would also come here……. Haha! By then, this isolated desert would become interesting!”

“What?” this news shocked all of the other three people in the tent; they couldn’t think straight for a moment.

“You guys would know what I mean soon. In the next three days, try to adjust your states and make sure you are at your peaks. I will take you guys to somewhere three days later. Ok, that is that. You guys can back out now,” [Snow Mountain Hermit] waved his hand and closed his eyes.

“Yes, master!” the three of them bowed and left the tent.

As a Moon-Class Elite, Tony wanted to show off his power today. However, the reality slapped him in the face. Besides, since he didn’t have the bloodline of Jax in his body, he didn’t like Modoc and Fairenton. After he sneered, he turned around and left coldly.

The head disciple of Big Snow Mountain, Modoc, only shook his head in silence.

Just like many other disciples in Big Snow Mountain, he also didn’t know why their master treated Tony so well. Tony wasn’t that talented and was quite arrogant, but [Snow Mountain Hermit] was willing to use a lot of resources and his own Warrior Energy to turn Tony into a Moon-Class Elite from a Six-Star Warrior. In their minds, all the precious potions and magic gems were wasted.

“Junior Brother, be careful in the next few days; something big is going to happen. Although Master didn’t say anything, you should inform the Military Headquarter about this,” just like Fairenton, Modoc who didn’t talk much was also a loyal member of Jax who wanted Jax to become the most influential empire in the region. Therefore, the first thing he thought about was the benefit of Jax.

“Ah?…… oh, ok…… trust me, Senior Brother. I will send scouts to inform the empire about this right away,” Fairenton replied casually; it felt like he was thinking about something else.

He could almost guess what was going to happen; he knew it was probably related to the underground ocean and those mysterious structures at the bottom. The strange behavior of the water and the report from Inle both indicated that there was a Mythical Ruin at the bottom of the ocean. If this was the case, this news could attract all the masters from the region.

Fairenton wanted to keep it a secret and try to explore it slowly, but it seemed like it was impossible to keep it all to him now.

What Fairenton could do now was to prepare and help [Snow Mountain Hermit] to get more benefits from the Mythical Ruins.

After Modoc said his farewell, he went into his tent to cultivate.

The prince, on the other hand, walked to his tent with a lot of mental burdens. “No wonder Master came here with all the top-tier warriors from Big Snow Mountain. His aim is the Mythical Ruins at the bottom of the ocean, and I got helped today because I was lucky……” he thought.

“Your Highness!! Terrible news……” all of a sudden, a scout charged over on his mount as he yelled.

“Shut up! What is going on? Why are you panicking?” although Fairenton treasured his soldiers, he got angry after hearing this. His troops failed in the siege today, and the morale was already low. If this scout continued to yell and spread the bad news, it would affect the confidence even more.

As if he figured out that he was doing something wrong, that scout instantly closed his mouth and hopped off of his mount.

“What is going on?” Fairenton waved his hand, and his Warrior Energy spread out and isolated any sound from being heard by other.

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