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Hail the King Chapter 445.1

Chapter 445: A Ton of Masters (Part One)

“Yes…… Your Highness, the food supplies…… the soldiers of Zenit raided our troop that was guarding the food supplies 25 kilometers from here…… General Dene who was leading the troop was killed, and most of the 100 carts of food supplies were burned……” that scout reported in his shaky voice; there were a lot of injuries on his body.

“What? How?” as if he was shocked, Fairenton’s face changed color.

The food supplies of his soldiers got burned by King Alexander once already, and the left-over food could barely last his troops for a day. The food supplies that were on their way to the campsites were life-saving treasures, and the logistics and supply paths were top secrets in the military.

“Only a few people know about the paths…… how did Zenit know about that? How did they arrange this raid?” Fairenton thought desperately.

“Sh*t! It must be Alexander! It must be him……” Fairenton felt like he was inside a freezer as his heart was cold as ever. Without enough food, these 60,000 soldiers could die in the desert if no miracle happened.

At this moment, a few more scouts rushed towards him; their speed was even faster than this scout in front of Fairenton. As soon as they got to the prince, they jumped off their mounts and cried, “Your Highness!! The soldiers of Zenit ambushed the 12,000 elite Sand Tiger Cavaliers, and they got crushed! General Kendo died with more than 7,000 Sand Tiger Cavaliers, and General Erdous is coming back with the rest of the men……”

“Ah……” Fairenton screamed and fainted on the spot……



“Damn it! Why is it like this? I’m only 500 meters away from the bottom, yet I couldn’t get to those buildings…… the water pressure here is insane……”

Deep down in the underground ocean, Fei stared at those magnificent structures at the bottom of the ocean and sighed. The closer he was to the bottom of the ocean, the stronger the water pressure got. However, the increase in water pressure was beyond the explanation of physics as if there was an invisible power repelling all external entities. Even though Fei had quite a few items from Diablo World on him, he could only get to this point. It was impossible for him to get closer to the bottom of the ocean even for one more centimeter.

Right now, Fei was able to clearly “see” the mermaid-like creatures swimming around rapidly 200 meters below him using his Spirit Energy. There were a ton of these creatures, and each of them contained a ton of power; Fei felt like the powerful magic surge around them could easily defeat an Eight-Star Warrior. However, it seemed like these creatures were imprisoned in a specific area by a mysterious force as they couldn’t get more than 300 meters away from the bottom of the ocean. Otherwise, if all of them charged at Fei, Fei could have died.

Currently, Fei was able to scan the structures at the bottom of the ocean. What made him excited was that the style of the structures at the bottom was almost identical to the style of that Mythical Altar recorded in [Demon King’s Wisdom].

“Looks like I’m too weak…… I probably only could get to the bottom of the ocean if I completed all the quests in [Rogue Encampment] in Nightmare Mode.”

After several failed attempts to get to the bottom of the ocean, Fei decided to go back to Dual-Flags City to increase his strength.

When Fei swam up about 1,500 meters, a powerful Warrior Energy suddenly appeared from afar and spread around the area; it felt like a mighty warrior was scanning the region.

“What? There are other people here?” Fei was shocked.

He instantly thought of some of the Spirit Energy Techniques recorded on the purple scroll, and his Spirit Energy immediately wrapped around him. His Spirit Energy blended in with the water, and it easily fooled that Warrior Energy and didn’t let Fei to be discovered.

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