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Hail the King Chapter 445.2

Chapter 445: A Ton of Masters (Part Two)

Fei only started to swim upward after that Warrior Energy disappeared.

“This Warrior Energy feels familiar…… wait, he is that man in red! He knows about the secret in this underground ocean as well? Sh*t! If he gets to the structures first……”

Fei realized that the situation was headed towards a direction that he didn’t want to see.

When he was close to the water wells, there was another powerful energy spreading around and scanning the water. Like a huge fish net, it seemed like this person was searching for something as well.

Fei’s face changed color as he used his Spirit Energy to wrap around him again.

The Spirit Energy was great! Although these two people were much more powerful than Fei, they weren’t able to discover his existence at all!

When Fei returned to the ground, he wasn’t in a good mood.

Except for those two powerful people, Fei sensed six more powerful energies in the underground ocean in just ten minutes! There were Warrior Energies and Magic Energies, indicating that there were at least eight powerful Moon-Class Elites in the region. They were all searching for something, and it seemed like they were worried about something and had their guards up.

Using the mysterious Spirit Energy, Fei was able to sense these powerful energies without being discovered. However, after he carefully sensed the situation for a bit, he felt like these people knew each other well, and their energies separated after lightly colliding with each other; there wasn’t any death battle as Fei hoped.

It seemed like they were following some kind of implied agreement.

“What is going on?” Fei frowned.

Each energy represented a powerful master. Except for that man in red and the mysterious mage in the city, Fei had never met the other Moon-Class Elites. However, he was sure that they were hiding in Dual-Flags City, and they were waiting for a critical moment to arrive.

“Looks like something important is going to occur, and it must be connected to the underground ocean and those structures at the bottom,” Fei thought.

All of these people were powerful! Fei felt like each one of them had the strength comparable to that man in red and that mysterious mage. He couldn’t defeat any of them, and increasing his power was his top priority.

Fei decided to focus on his Barbarian Character. After he completed the last quest in Diablo World in Normal Mode, he didn’t advance into the realm of Moon-Class; it seemed like he lacked something.

After he got out of the underground ocean through a water well, Fei went to the Mayor’s Mansion to check up on Angela and Elena.

Fei had a mix of emotions on his mind when he saw the two beauties lying on the bed without consciousness; he was touched, worried, and angry at the same time.

“After I purify the [Worldstone] and save them, I will let that man in red pay for what he did! He will suffer 100 times the pain!” Fei thought to himself. Every time he thought about that man, he would be enraged. Ever since he came to Azeroth Continent, Fei had been getting all sorts of advantages; no one had made him lose so much in a day. Although the anger didn’t show on his face, it was boiling in his mind; it was waiting for the perfect moment to erupt.

After he walked out of the Mayor’s Mansion, he marched towards the watchtower on the west gate with Torres behind him.

It was already dark, and the sun was about to fall below the horizon.

After the siege during the day, the calmness and quietness of the city felt more precious. Fortunately, the residents in the city were used to this intense lifestyle. There were still pedestrians on the street chatting with each other. Most of them didn’t know about the hard battle that was fought today; they only knew that King Alexander won again and defeated the invaders of Jax in the siege.

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  1. Walensium

    Thanks for the chapters! Hopefully Fei can get stronger and officially enter the Moon-class realm before the other elites get to the underwater ruins.

  2. Tom

    I want him to focus on his other classes for a bit not just the barbarian as usual.

  3. Leon

    I still waiting for that little sister girl to help with her godly power that same as elena….. What is fei wife name again

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