Chapter 446: Strange Event on the Way Back (Part One)

“Hey, Jim! Did you hear? We won another battle!”

“Of course! With King Alexander in Dual-Flags City, those bastards of Jax couldn’t move forward anymore! Did you see that huge spear extending from the clouds? Those bastards of Jax made His Majesty mad, and His Majesty summoned the punishment from the gods and destroyed 30,000 enemies…… My older brother is an archer, and he saw it with his own eyes……”

“Really? No wonder…… Only His Majesty could use this level of strikes! Ay, when could we participate in defense of the city? We have been training for several days now…… I really want to get on the defense wall and battle alongside His Majesty…… If I can see His Majesty’s dominating presence in battle, I can die happy……”

“Hahaha! Relax! We are now a part of the militia, and we will get to fight the enemies one day. I heard that the invaders of Jax are increasing the number of soldiers they are sending here……”

When Fei walked by a few young men who were wearing the uniform of the militia, he overheard their conversations. Those young men were chatting with each other in excitement, and they didn’t know that they just walked by their idol. A smile appeared on Fei’s face as he thought, “After several battles, the atmosphere in the city is still better than I thought. The residents aren’t scared of the war…… it is a great thing…… at least I don’t need to worry about the spirit of the residents collapsing.”

“Fernando,” Fei suddenly thought of something and said, “Note this down; remember to tell Cech to select 100 to 200 clever soldiers and order them to spread the official news about the battles each day. Of course, try to let them spread more of the good news rather than the bad. Make sure that the news gets delivered to the residents quickly and transparently. This is the only way that we could stop rumors and fears.”

“As you wish, Your Majesty!” Torres noted this down on a scroll that he had with him.

As the first personal guard of the King, Torres’ backstory was quite extraordinary as well. After he stepped out and protected the future queen of Chambord, this young man from a poor neighborhood in Chambord got his life turned around. He got favored by the King of Chambord, and he became one of the few people with real influence in Chambord. Of course, he got where he was at today through hard work. Just like the other warriors of Chambord who started from the bottom, Torres was strict on himself. He would put a lot of time and effort into cultivation every day, and he was able to battle a Six-Star Warrior now.

In the last while, Torres had been trying to study the etiquettes of nobles. This young man knew that he was the personal guard of Fei, so he couldn’t only show his tough sides like Drogba and Pierce. He would be following Fei around, and his actions would reflect on the image of Chambord and Fei. Although Fei never asked him to do anything, Torres had been trying to progress both strength and wisdom. In a short time, this young man who was weak and close to illiterate became a smart and mighty warrior.

Although Fei didn’t say anything, he witnessed all of this.

He liked this young man who was honest, humble, organized, goal-orientated, and eager to learn.

“Also, Fernando, go to the west gate right now and order the nobles to set up a feast and party in the watchtower. I’m going to celebrate the success with the 300 warriors who are about to be back!” Fei turned around and said to Torres after he looked at the darkening sky and calculated the time.

“As you wish, Your Majesty.”



“Haha! Legion Commander Alexander is such a genius! Andrew, how did His Majesty know about the logistics path of these sand ghosts of Jax?” Ribry who had a shocking scar on his face asked Shevchenko beside him in excitement. His armor was stained by blood and dust, and from his point of view, Dual-Flags City was within in his sight.

Sand ghost was a mockery term that the citizens of Zenit in this region referred to the people of Jax.

“Haha! I think you should ask what His Majesty doesn’t know?” Shevchenko laughed and responded. At the moment, his appearance wasn’t better than Ribry’s. In fact, every one of them who participated in this mission was bathed in blood.

“Too bad we only burned half of the food supplies, and more than 60 brothers died…… we couldn’t even bring their corpses back, and we had to cremate them on the spot……” sadness appeared on Ribry’s face when he mentioned those soldiers who died in the mission.

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