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Hail the King Chapter 446.2

Chapter 446: Strange Event on the Way Back (Part Two)

He chose each of the 300 soldiers who were on this mission, and they were the most elite soldiers in Dual-Flags City. He led these men and hid on the logistics path of Jax for a day and a night. Two of the soldiers died in the cold, and they didn’t even let out a sound as they were afraid that they might blow the cover. The other 64 soldiers were killed in battle. All the carts that Jax had were treated and were hard to set on fire. To successfully burn the food supplies of Jax, a lot of them blocked the blades of their enemies using their bodies.

After thinking back to the soldiers who died on the mission, both Ribry and Shevchenko looked at each other and weren’t excited anymore. If they could revive their comrades, they would ditch the military merits they earned. However, during a war, their enemies won’t show any mercy towards them.

“We are close to the campsites of Jax…… tell everyone to be more careful. After the sun sets, we could get through them secretly. King Alexander should be on the other side to assist us,” Ribry said to his assistant, and the 236 of them carefully approached Dual-Flags City on their tiptoes.

“General, look! There are two people……” a soldier suddenly said.

Ribry and Shevchenko looked in the direction that this soldier was pointing at, and their pupil instantly contracted.

On a sand hill that was about 60 meters tall, two people were sitting on top of it quietly. One of them was a mid-aged man who looked like he was in his 30s; he looked like a mage as he was wearing a white mage robe. Although his face couldn’t be clearly seen, he looked extraordinary. At the moment, he had a huge wine bag in his hand, and he was chugging it down his throat. Beside him, there was a child who was about nine years old. His long blonde hair was shiny under the sunlight, and he was wearing a warrior suit. At the moment, he was giving the mid-aged man a massage, and he looked adorable.

Ribry and Shevchenko looked at each other, and they saw a sense of concern in each other’s eyes.

The Jax Battle Zone was really chaotic. Except for Dual-Flags City, everywhere else in the region was under the control of Jax. The sudden appearance of this bizarre combination of two people was really strange in this environment. A mysterious atmosphere appeared as Ribry and Shevchenko noticed that the sandstorm that was happening couldn’t get within 20 meters of these two people; it felt like an invisible force shielded them.

“Masters!” Ribry and Shevchenko were shocked.

After seeing that those two people paid no attention to his team of soldiers, Ribry calmed down a little. He knew that a lot of masters had strange personalities and didn’t like to be disturbed by others. Therefore, he signaled the soldiers not to make any noise, and they continued to travel back to Dual-Flags City.

Since the sand hill that mid-aged man and child were on was in the way, the distance between these two people and the soldiers of Zenit got closer and closer.

Gradually, Ribry and Shevchenko saw the faces of these two. The mid-aged man wasn’t that handsome, but his eyes and brows gave off a righteous sensation. The child beside him looked really cute, and his red cheeks and white skin made him look like a doll.

“Hey, be careful! There is a war going on! It is dangerous here! Leave when you can!” since that child was so adorable and one of the soldiers didn’t want to see him die, this soldier yelled subconsciously.

“Oh crap!” Shevchenko’s and Ribry’s faces changed color.

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