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Hail the King Chapter 447.1

Chapter: 447: Dangerous Child (Part One)

Instantly, that child who was messaging the mid-aged man turned around and looked at the soldiers. There wasn’t any white matter in his eyes; his eyes were completely black as if they were pure black crystals. Ribry and Shevchenko were at the very front, and their bodies instantly froze. Sweats started to fell from their foreheads as if the Grim Reaper was sneering at them. They felt like many needles were poking their necks, and they had a hard time breathing.

Such a dangerous boy!

His single stare was enough to scare and freeze more than 200 elite soldiers, and they felt like their deaths were approaching.

The chilly wind blew by.

“Arthur! You are playing again! Don’t scare these Uncles! The Uncle said that because he is worried about you,” in this fearful moment, that mid-aged mage who was enjoying the wine suddenly spoke.

He sounded like he was joking, but his words were sufficient.

That little boy looked away and continued to massage that mid-aged mage using his small hands as a cute smile appeared on his face. From his smooth techniques, it seemed like he had done it numerous times before.


Ribry and Shevchenko felt like they survived a disaster.

Although they guessed that these two were masters, they didn’t expect this young boy to be so dangerous as well. More than 200 soldiers of Zenit who weren’t even afraid of the vicious enemies of Jax had fears in their eyes as they looked at this boy named Arthur. Like a devil, it seemed like this boy was able to grasp onto their brains and read their thoughts. Even though this boy still looked cute, he was no longer adorable in the eyes of these soldiers.

“Whatever. Arthur, you have scared them! Let’s switch spots and enjoy the moon in the sky.”

The mid-aged mage looked disappointed after his mood was disrupted. He put away his large wine bag and shook his head. After he waved his hand, a black flame appeared, and these two people disappeared from the sand hill; there was no trace around, and no one knew where they went.

All the soldiers of Zenit on the sand hill were shocked; they felt like they all had a nightmare.

“Quick! Let’s move! The sun already set, and King Alexander His Majesty is waiting for us to go back! Keep your guards up and hurry up!” Shevchenko shook his head and forced himself to calm down as he ordered the soldiers to move forward.


At the same time, a team of people from the Holy Church appeared in a collapsed shrine in the desert that was about three kilometers away from Dual-Flags City.

The person in the lead was an elder who had a body full of wrinkles. His eyes were cloudy, his face was full of age spots, and he was wearing a luxurious battle robe with red edges. Even though his hair was white, it was combed nicely, and there was a five-point crown on it. Also, he had a golden wand that was about two meters tall in his hand; this wand looked like a huge cross.

This elder was staggering as he walked; it felt like he was going to fall at any second. However, he was walking in the center of the team; 16 fully armored Holy Knights who were wearing Holy Church Style silver armors with a red cross on their chest plate were walking around this elder as they tried to protect him.

These Holy Knights were all giving off a robust and powerful sensation; this sensation was indeed the pressure created after someone’s Holy Power got to a high level.

Except for these Holy Knights, there were also a dozen Priests in robes. With Holy Power around them, they were able to block the sandstorm from entering within ten meters of them.

It was obvious that this team of people was powerful, and they could easily handle tens of thousands of ordinary soldiers.

“The sensation of that devil disappeared……” a young Priest suddenly frowned as he said to one of his peers beside him, “I could no longer sense the evil energy of Undead Mage Hazel Bank. It feels like he disappeared in this world.”

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