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Hail the King Chapter 447.2

Chapter: 447: Dangerous Child (Part Two)

“That sly b-----d! He led us around the desert in a full circle! If we catch him, I will make sure that he would be burned alive on the cross until his body turns into ashes!” a mid-aged Priest cursed.

“We have to capture him this time! There is no way that this evil b-----d could escape from an Execution Team!”

“We will torture him and make sure he pays the price.”

These Priests and Holy Knights who enjoyed high statuses couldn’t take it anymore after their enemy tricked them and led them around the desert. Even though they were influential and mighty people, being exposed to the heat during the day and the chilliness during the night caused a lot of trouble and pain for them. They all had a ton of resentment on their minds, and they couldn’t wait to torture this Undead Mage Hazel Bank.

“Cough…… Cough……” after hearing the curses and complains, the elder who had the golden cross wand in his hand coughed severely; it felt like he was going to die if the wind was going to blow at him. However, his weak dry coughs instantly made the Holy Knights and Priests around him shut up, and they waited for him to speak respectfully.

The elder wiped his lips using a white handkerchief that had red edges around it, and he said weakly, “God said…… under the Holy Light, no evil could hide. We are all servants of the God, and we travel around the continent to spread the Holy Light. We need to let the people who had fallen into evil wake up and realize their sins and accept our punishment. We shouldn’t promote violence and hatred……”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah…… You are right, Mr. Pellegrini. We misread the God’s instructions,” all the Priests around this elder bowed and apologized for their wrong behavior.

The elder nodded and raised his left hand that was shaking a little uncontrollably. Suddenly, silver lights appeared in the air, and a snow-white crystal ball appeared in his hand. At this moment, this elder’s weak body emitted a powerful sensation as if he became a giant. As the silver light flashed, ripples appeared on that crystal ball. Soon, a clear image appeared; there were two people in this image, and they were that mysterious mid-aged mage and that boy named Arthur!

“They are still in the desert. Emmm, judging from the landscape and the direction of the wind, they should be less than six kilometers away from Zenit’s Dual-Flags City. That evil mage is there, and his evil dragon is there as well. They couldn’t escape from the God’s punishment! Let’s enter Dual-Flags City and rest up for tonight. The Mythical Gate is going to open in three days, and numerous masters are gathering here. The Holy Church is sending more masters here, and I’m sure that is why this Undead Mage Hazel Bank is here as well. He won’t run from this opportunity, and we can try to kill him when we enter the Mythical Palace.”

The thin elder with white hair decided after he observed the image in the crystal ball.

“Yes, Mr. Pellegrini.”

Everyone on the team listened to this elder’s words. They all jumped onto their mounts, and a silver-armored Holy Knight helped this elder to get onto a magic carriage that was levitating off of the ground. After they double checked the direction, they headed towards Dual-Flags City.



In the watchtower on the west gate of Dual-Flags City.

The building was lit up, and there were a lot of people chatting and cheering in there.

Less than 30 minutes ago, Ribry and Shevchenko successfully returned with the soldiers after raiding and destroying the food supplies of the enemies. The Head Commander King Alexander went out of the city to greet them, and a party was hosted in their name to celebrate their success.

After he pressed down his hands and signaled everyone to quiet down a bit, Fei raised the wine cup in his hand as he stood up and said with a smile, “Everyone, General Ribry and General Shevchenko dived deep into the territory of Jax and burned more than 100 carts of food supplies of the enemies. They crushed the morale of the soldiers of Jax, and they deserve a lot of merits! I will be reporting this event to the Military Headquarter and the Royal Family to get all of the warriors rewarded! I’m sure that the tale of the 302 warriors of Zenit killing the enemies in their own territory would be recorded in the history book!”

Loud claps sounded in the building, and the people in there cheered in excitement.

After a short pause, Fei continued, “This first toast is for the 66 brave warriors who sacrificed their lives for this operation! They proved their honor using their lives, and they protected hundreds of thousands of residents in Dual-Flags City. They are our role models, and I shall cheer them on! Although their souls are able to return to the homeland, their corpses couldn’t come back! Therefore, let’s pay our respect to them!”

All of the soldiers who participated in this raid picked up their wine cups with tears in their eyes after hearing the high praises coming from the Head Commander.

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