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Hail the King Chapter 448.1

Chapter 448: The Man with the Holy Sensation (Part One)

It was a soldier’s dream to get a commander and leader who was clear on the reward and the punishment. Although these soldiers were at the bottom of the military ladder, and not a lot of people cared for them, they still wanted to be respected and be recognized. They didn’t need much; simple praises and simple smiles would them feel like they weren’t wasting their lives.

The soldiers chugged the wine with tears flowing down their faces.

The wine never tasted so good.

“This second toast is for the 236 warriors who made it back alive! Your bleeding won’t be for nothing, and your achievements won’t be forgotten!” Fei cheered, “Everyone will get the merits on the book, and you will get 50 gold coins each!”

The warriors chugged down the second cup of wine.

“This third toast……” Fei suddenly paused for a second and continued, “This thirst toast is for this damn war. Just like you all, I hope it will end sometime soon. No one likes war…… Maybe some people want to prove themselves and get credits by stepping on the corpses of others, but I’m not about that life. I hope my soldiers and warriors could live peaceful lives with their loved ones and not sleep with sharp blades in their hands. I hope I can still drink with you all after the war is over.”

After Fei said that, he chugged the third cup of wine.

The atmosphere in the room suddenly became silent. However, this silence wasn’t negative. Instead, all the soldiers were staring at the tall and handsome figure with admiration in their eyes. Even commanders like Ribry and Shevchenko chugged their wine and looked at Fei as if he was a massive mountain in their sights.


The inside of the building was still lit, and the cheering and playing noises were still sounding.

Fei already walked out of the watchtower; as the Head Commander, his presence would tense up the atmosphere, and the soldiers wouldn’t be able to enjoy themselves to the fullest.

As he sensed the cold wind blowing on his face outside the watchtower, he had many thoughts on his mind. Although he shouldn’t let his men to get wasted like this as it would create a bad example, he couldn’t help but feel bad for them as some of them lost their limbs and would be disabled for the rest of their lives. He allowed them to party this time, and what he said were all from his heart.

Footsteps sounded behind him.

“Sir, we encountered something strange on the way back, and I have to report to you,” Shevchenko followed Fei out of the building and said.

He told Fei everything about that mysterious mid-aged mage and that cute yet dangerous boy named Arthur.

“They disappeared after a wave of a hand?” Fei frowned and asked, “According to your description, that man is at least a Moon-Class Elite…… that cute boy must be powerful as well. Were his eyes all black? That is strange……”

“I think so too. However, they were too strange, and they are so close to the city…… Although they don’t seem like bad people, I think we should be aware of them,” Shevchenko suggested carefully.

“Masters on this level wouldn’t get themselves involved in wars between empires unless they belong to one party. Besides, even if we are aware, we couldn’t do anything against them; they are just too powerful!” Fei already connected those two people with the masters that he sensed in the underground ocean.

“Maybe they were among the powerful energies that I sensed in the water……” the King had a feeling that something big was going to happen as there were too many powerful masters around.

“However, we still need to know what is going on. Tell the soldiers to report back to me immediately if these two people are seen in the city,” Fei said after he gave it some thoughts. According to tales and books, these masters all had strange personalities and behaviors. If the soldiers went up to them and questioned them, that might cause a lot of trouble.

Shevchenko nodded and understood the situation.

The King realized that he was still too weak, and he had to pretend to be a dumbass.

His current top priority was to increase his strength. After all, only the influential people had the right to talk; if Fei was powerful enough, he could easily wipe out all the threats around him.

At this moment, the noises made by the hooves of horses sounded from afar.

The lights from a few torches could be seen in the night, and they were approaching Dual-Flags City quickly. Fei already spread out his Spirit Energy, and he saw who they were. It was a team of more than 30 people, and it was shocking how they went through the campsites of Jax. After the initial chaos, the invaders of Jax moved aside and made a path for these people to get through.

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