Chapter 448: The Man with the Holy Sensation (Part Two)

Shevchenko’s expression turned serious as he waved at the soldiers around him; he signaled them to keep their guards up.

Everyone was nervous as they observed this team of people.

When this team of people got closer, Fei realized that they had the flags of the Holy Church with them.

The Holy Knights on the horses were wearing the silver armors that only the members of the Holy Church could wear, and there were also more than a dozen Priests in the team. Behind these people, there was a carriage levitating off of the ground as a powerful wind-elemental magic array was at work. Although these people were all powerful, Fei’s eyes locked onto the carriage. The person in the carriage didn’t reveal himself, but the King sensed the most amount of threat from him.

“They are from the Holy Church, no wonder……” Shevchenko who was standing behind Fei murmured.

Only the Holy Church could make the vicious soldiers of Jax obedient and afraid. If they were from any other forces, these soldiers of Jax wouldn’t let them go through their campsites and defense line like that.

Soon, this team from the Holy Church arrived outside of Dual-Flags City.

“Listen up! Red-Robed Deacon Pellegrini from the Execution Team in the West Region of the Holy Church has arrived! Why aren’t you opening up the gate and welcoming him?” a Holy Knight rode up on his mount and shouted.

Shevchenko and the soldiers on the defense wall all looked at Fei for an answer.

Opening up the gate of the city at this moment was very dangerous. If the invaders of Jax decided to charge up and attack, the city could be potentially conquered. If that happened, all the defense the soldiers of Zenit put up would be wasted. Besides, who could be sure that these people weren’t enemies of Jax in disguises?

After all, the soldiers of Zenit who completed the mission all came back by climbing up the defense wall using ropes, and the corpses of the soldiers who died on the battlefield outside the city were taken back into the city via carts that were tied onto ropes. Except for the two times when the gate was open to let in the reinforcement of [Wolf Teeth Legion], it was never opened!

“You dumb idiots! Open up the gate immediately!” after seeing that the soldiers on the defense wall didn’t make a move upon hearing the name of the Holy Church, that Holy Knight got mad and yelled, “You pigs! How dare you hesitate after seeing the arrival of an Execution Team from the Holy Church? Do you want to die?”

Since this Holy Knight was so arrogant, Fei lightly released the strength of his level 99 Barbarian as he looked at that Holy Knight. As if he suddenly felt a mountain on his shoulders, this Holy Knight instantly shut his mouth and didn’t dare to say anything else.

“Open the gate,” Fei smiled and gave the order as he looked back.

“Sir, we shouldn’t. If……” Shevchenko was a cautious person. After hearing Fei’s order, he quickly suggested, “We can tell the soldiers to drop down some baskets and pull them up that way.”

“How would these high-up people in the Holy Church be willing to enter the city using baskets? They won’t agree for sure! These people are dressed fancily and are all powerful; they shouldn’t be the invaders of Jax in disguise, and Fairenton doesn’t dare to ask his soldiers to pretend to be from the Holy Church. After all, anyone who dared to pretend to be from the Holy Church were all hunt down by the Execution Teams, and they were burned alive on the cross in the Headquarter of the Execution Branch of the Holy Church…… there is even a Red-Robe Deacon among them…… hehe, we can let them in; they could even potentially benefit our defense,” Fei said after he thought for a bit.

“As you wish!” Shevchenko calmed down a little after seeing Fei’s confident demeanor. He turned around and ordered, “The Legion Commander had spoken! Open the gate!”

Crank! Crank! Crank! Crank! Crank!

The ear-piercing gear gliding noises sounded as more than 20 small magic arrays shone. Then, the steel fence in front of the gate weighing more than five tons was slowly pulled up, and the iron gate slowly opened to the two sides.

Tap! Tap! Tap!

A series of clip-clopping noises sounded as this Execution Team from the Holy Church entered the city.

“Close the gate!” the commanders on the defense wall shouted. Instantly, the gate started to close, and the steel fence began to drop down slowly.

Fei and Shevchenko walked down the defense wall; they weren’t walking fast as the King was still trying to figure out the intent of these people and wanted to see if they could be used to defend against the invaders of Jax. Before they reached the ground, they heard a series of screams followed by cursing and whipping noise.

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