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Hail the King Chapter 449.1

Chapter 449: BS! (Part One)

Fei’s face changed color as he dashed down the defense wall.

“I asked you to open the gate faster, and you dare to speak back to me? I will fu*king kill you! Go tell that damn Head Commander of yours to come here and see me……” a Holy Knight shouted with an angry expression as he sat on his mount and whipped the few soldiers who were guarding the gate mercilessly. As if they were getting burned in a fire, the soldiers rolled and screamed in pain on the ground.

This Holy Knight had the strength of Eight-Star, and he was very vicious. Every single whip from him would destroy the soldiers’ armors, and the skin on the soldiers’ bodies got whipped open. In just a second, one soldier got whipped five times, and he was close to dying. Even though this Holy Knight was mighty and could kill these ordinary soldiers easily, he controlled his force and wanted to torture these soldiers on purpose.

“How dare you!” a shout sounded as someone dashed towards this Holy Knight.


A dash of silver sword energy collided with the horsewhip in this Holy Knight ’s hand.

Then, a young and handsome figure appeared. He helped the soldier who was fainting to stand up as he stared at this Holy Knight with a furious expression.

“How dare you? Who are you? How dare you attack an Execution Team of the Holy Church? Humph! You must be an evil entity, and you must be friends with the evil Undead Mage Hazel Bank! You shall be burned alive on the cross!” that Holy Knight shouted.

He knew that dash of sword energy was powerful, and he would have been killed if it went directly at him. However, as a member of the Holy Church, he had been spoiled by others. Even though Fei was a lot more powerful than him, he opened his mouth and gave Fei the title of evil arrogantly.

“Humph! How dare he attack me? There are too many masters who are more powerful than me but still got tortured by me! You will be next!” this Holy Knight thought to himself.

As he was still thinking about how he would torture this young man and planning to signal his peers, this arrogant Holy Knight suddenly saw a flash of golden light with his peripheral vision. As if he was struck by lightning, his body froze, and his eyes almost popped out of his face as they opened wide. His peers who were joking and laughing beside him had the same reaction as well.

The young man who just appeared had a Golden Battle Ring under his feet, and Golden Holy Power had been spreading out like waves in the ocean……

“God! This…… Golden Holy Power!?”

The members of the Holy Church who cultivated Holy Power couldn’t be more sensitive to this unique Holy Power, and they all knew what it meant.

It was the unique symbol of [God’s Favorite Children]! These people were the most influential in the Holy Church, and they all had bright futures! The God loved everyone who had Golden Holy Power, and they had the potential of becoming the next Pope of the Holy Church!

As the Golden Holy Power shined, the entire area was filled with the divine and gentle energy. The soldiers who were whipped and severely injured gradually woke up; they felt like there were several dashes of warm energy flowing around in their bodies, and the pain they were sensing was almost gone. As they opened their blurry eyes, they saw a tall figure and a handsome face that they could never forget.

Healing injury was one of the critical uses of the Holy Power. After all, other elemental powers such as water-elemental magic energy couldn’t heal others as effectively

“Sir…… King Alexander!” the soldiers in the area realized what was going on and all yelled as they kneeled.

“You…… you are……?”

The Holy Knights of the Holy Church got off of their mounts and slowly walked over. Although they weren’t sure about Fei’s identity, they were a lot politer than before as they looked at Fei with some fear and respect in their eyes.

“God said he loves all creatures the same. As the followers of God, we need to spread this message across the continent and make everyone experience the love and kindness of the Lord. However, as Holy Knights, what you did are against the God’s will! You are bringing shame to the Holy Church!” after Fei healed the soldiers using the skill [Prayer], he turned around and scolded the Holy Knights using the mission statement of the Holy Church that he learned from traveling poets. However, the Holy Knights of the Holy Church who were vicious a moment ago didn’t dare to argue, and they all lowered their heads. After all, Fei’s Golden Holy Power and sharp stares were putting too much pressure on them.

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  1. OG

    Always a bunch of jerks…

    And technically “they control all evil in Azeroth” by “managing it” and thus being the most evil bunch around… Bastards!

  2. BellCross Wolfstein

    I’m sure Fei would wipe the church after he reach god level.

  3. DirganDS

    How dare this… How dare that…

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