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Hail the King Chapter 449.2

Chapter 449: BS! (Part Two)

If Fei didn’t have other plans and if he weren’t in public, he would have destroyed these Holy Knights who had no sense of respect for other people. The King hated people who bullied others, especially the ones from the Holy Church. When that Priest Balesi tried to semi-kidnap Angela, Fei used his Necromancer Power and sent him into the heavens!

“Uh…… we……” The Holy Knights didn’t know what to say; they were all shocked by Fei’s presence.

At this moment, the levitating magic carriage that was being pulled by a handsome horse that had all pure white fur slowly floated over, and a priest opened the gate of the carriage respectfully. This priest then helped an old man, who was wearing a black and red robe and holding a golden cross wand, to get out of the carriage.

“Huh? This old man must be Red-Robe Deacon Pellegrini, and he must be influential! Although he looks like he is going to die at any second, the hidden power in his body is terrifying and far beyond the realm of everyone else in the team…… Eh, he must have been a Moon-Class Elite for many years!” Fei didn’t say anything, but he got more cautious.

“Cough, cough, cough…… you guys! Why aren’t you apologizing to [God’s Favorite Child] His Highness? Do you guys really want to die on the burning cross?” that old man coughed and scolded. When he started speaking, his chest moved up and down rapidly as if he was going to die, but he voice was loud and clear. A dash of light appeared in his eyes when he stared at the Holy Knights furiously, and he then turned around and said to Fei with a smile, “Your Highness, which shrine are you from? Why are you here training in a little remote city?”

“Are you trying to figure out my background?” Fei sneered in his mind.

After he used his Paladin Mode and easily fooled that little priest named Zola in Chambord, Fei realized the value of this identity. After he read some books about the Holy Church, he already knew what it meant to have a Golden Battle Ring under his feet. Therefore, he had been planning to utilize his Paladin Mode and continue this scam.

The King knew that this identity was critical in some situations. How could he perfect this lie? Fei had many ideas but ended up choosing the most secure option – keeping up the mysteriousness.

The identity of [God’s Favorite Child] was a secret! Except for the Golden Battle Ring that would appear when someone uses Holy Power, all other information on these important people were well kept in the Holy Mountain, Waulu Mountain. Other than the supreme Pope and a few top-tier Priests and Holy Knights, no one had access to these documents that were stored in the Holy Library. Perhaps gods really existed in this world as no one in the history was able to fake this identity. After all, only the members of the Holy Church had the ability to cultivate Holy Power, and the Golden Battle Ring couldn’t be mimicked even if someone tried. Therefore, the Holy Church never had its guards up around people with Golden Holy Powers.

However, Fei with the help of the Paladin Mode was able to exploit this loophole in the system.

After Red-Robe Deacon Pellegrini asked him that question, Fei frowned and said with an arrogant tone, “I’m King Alexander of Chambord, a level 1 affiliated kingdom of Zenit.”

Pellegrini’s expression froze for a second when he heard the answer.

However, as if nothing happened, this old man smiled and replied, “Oh I see. Your Majesty, we are on a mission, and we need to stay in the city for a period. Please don’t mind us.”

In fact, this old man was fooled by Fei. Every single [God’s Favorite Child] was tied to one or multiple influential figures in the Holy Church and was connected to multiple forces. The Holy Church wasn’t as tight and organized as people had thought. Since the Holy Church pretty much covered the area of the entire continent, each of the Bishops had power in their own regions, and there were multiple branches and forces in the Holy Church. Usually, these branches of power were known as ‘shrines’ in the Holy Church, and each of the powerful shrines would choose a [God’s Favorite Child] to support. If their [God’s Favorite Child] could become the Pope, then their shrine could dominate over other shrines for at least more than 20 years.

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