Chapter 450: Golden Finger Upgrade – Nightmare Mode (Part One)

Pellegrini was sure that the mysterious [God’s Favorite Child] in front of him wasn’t from his shrine, but he still had to give Fei enough respect on the surface. If he offended a [God’s Favorite Child] and triggered the forces behind him, he won’t be able to bear the anger even though he was a Red-Robe Deacon. In the northern region of the Holy Church, there were more than 100 Red-Robe Deacons, but there were only four [God’s Favorite Children].

Fei’s mysterious presence fooled him, and he didn’t know which shrine this ‘[God’s Favorite Child]’ was from and why this ‘[God’s Favorite Child]’ took on the role of the king of a level 1 affiliated kingdom.

Even though he was suspecting that it was related to the opening of the Mythical Gate, Pellegrini who was old and sly didn’t want to ask anymore; the more he knew, the more dangerous the situation would be. After all, he didn’t want to become the sacrificial lamb between the battles of the shrines.

“There is a church in the city, and you guys could go there to rest. However……” Fei nodded and continued after he turned around to look at those arrogant Holy Knights, “These few people stained the glory of the God, and they injured the subjects of the Lord because they misunderstood the Lord’s intent. I think they should pay for their cruel actions.”

Those Holy Knights were terrified after they heard Fei.

The punishments the Holy Church had were cruel and painful, and these Holy Knights knew about it well. Even if a metal statue went through the punishment process, it would be able to open its mouth and cry in pain. If this ‘[God’s Favorite Child]’ wanted to punish them, they would die painfully without having the ability to fight back.

“Your Highness, there is no need to get so angry. These Holy Knights are just too tired from executing the mission, and they lost control of their temper for a moment. God said that forgiveness is a virtue, and we should accept the apologies of poor fallen souls. How about we ask these Holy Knights to compensate these soldiers 100 gold coins each and apologize under the watch of the god?” Pellegrini smiled and suggested after he bowed with the help of a few priests, “They are all here to kill the evil Undead Mage Hazel Bank.”

“Undead Mage Hazel Bank?” Fei thought; he heard of this name before.

Many books and tales mentioned Undead Mage Hazel Bank. This man was described as an evil monster, and he was one of the few elders of the Undead Mage Union [Undead Shrine] who survived the massacre put on by the Holy Church. It was heard that this man was very powerful; rumors said that he was a Sun-Class Lord, and he had summoned an evil Undead Bone Dragon that was invincible during battle. This combination of man and dragon was extremely powerful and evil, and living beings would be turned into skeletons wherever they went.

“But isn’t he already killed by a Saint Knight? Why is he around here? And how could these 30 people defeat a man like that? Kill Hazel Bank? That man could kill them all with his finger!…… Or, is Hazel Bank just a cover-up? And they are here for something else?” the more Fei thought about it, and more he linked it to the frequent appearances of the mysterious masters in the area. Although he was confused, he didn’t ask more questions. Instead, he sneered and waved his hand impatiently as if he barely agreed with Pellegrini’s suggestion.

Even though Pellegrini was mad at the rudeness of Fei, Fei’s arrogant appearance made him believe that Fei was indeed a real [God’s Favorite Child]. He looked back at the Holy Knights, and the terrified Holy Knights quickly took out the money from their pockets and gave them to the injured soldiers respectfully; in their minds, they just survived a disaster. After that, they hid behind the carriage and didn’t dare to look at Fei again.

After Pellegrini smiled and said thanks to Fei, he returned to his carriage. However, before he got into the carriage and went to the church in the city, he looked back at Fei with a sharp and vicious light in his eyes. That light flashed by quickly, and most people didn’t notice it.

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