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Hail the King Chapter 450.2

Chapter 450: Golden Finger Upgrade – Nightmare Mode (Part Two)

Fei looked at the direction of the church with a smirk on his face; he was the only person who noticed that light and sensed the murderous spirit. However, since these people of the Holy Church was now inside the city, Fei had many ways of dealing with them. He had the Necromancer Character, and the Death Energy was the Holy Power Cultivators’ kryptonite. Even though this Red-Robe Deacon was more powerful than Priest Balesi who was with Kaka, Fei’s strength increased dramatically in the last while.

“Sir, thank you for saving us!”

After this Execution Team of the Holy Church disappeared into afar, the soldiers around the west gate kneeled and expressed their gratitude. That situation was extremely dangerous for them; it was no different to walking around a Grim Reaper. The members of the Holy Church didn’t care about others’ lives, and these soldiers could have been killed without justification.

It wasn’t an exaggeration to say that Fei saved their lives.

At the moment, they were looking at Fei as if he was a real god.

“The Legion Commander is willing to scold the high-up priests and members of the Holy Church for us? And those people are terrified of him?” these soldiers thought to themselves as they looked at Fei as if they were worshipping a god.

Even the Six-Star Warrior Shevchenko could only barely hold himself back.

When he lost to Fei during the competition in St. Petersburg, he already respected Fei. After he saw Fei battling with the Moon-Class Elite from Eindhoven Empire, Costakarta, on the Martial Saint Mountain, he was brought to submission. Therefore, he rejected the recruitment from all other powerful forces and joined Fei’s [Wolf Teeth Legion]. For the last while, he had been shocked by Fei again and again. Whenever he thought he had seen all the cards Fei had, he would realize how wrong he was. What just happened followed that pattern; the King’s image was completely redrawn in his head.

He felt like he could understand the King of Chambord less and less.

“Chaos is approaching…… Would the empire be able to survive through this? Many people are looking for new directions, and it is time for me to make a pick as well…… King Alexander, you could even order the people of the Holy Church around…… Are you the man who deserves my complete loyalty?” Shevchenko thought as he quietly clenched his fist.

Although he had two personalities and was sometimes dull, it didn’t mean that he was stupid. In fact, since he didn’t talk much and was great at observing, he would always make the better decisions.

“Tightly monitor the church and report to me when they make any moves. I want to see if they are really here to kill Hazel Bank or they have other motives,” Fei walked up the defense wall as he sneered.

“As you wish, Your Majesty,” as if he made a decision, Shevchenko replied respectfully.

“Huh?” Fei realized the change in how Shevchenko addressed him. He turned around, carefully observed this bright and tough man, and smiled. “Ok,” he nodded.


After he organized the matter with the defense, he went back to the Mayor’s Mansion to check up on Angela and Elena. After he fed them some healing porridge and spent some time with them, he chatted with Emma a little and made sure that everything was secure around here.

When he went back to the watchtower on the west gate, it was already the latter half of the night.

The party was over, and most of the soldiers showed the discipline and didn’t get wasted. When Fei returned, the soldiers were all gone; some of them went back to rest, and some of them even picked up their weapons and went to participate in the patrol. Fei’s influence and charisma were demonstrated in this situation. Since he, the Legion Commander, would join in the patrol, the regular soldiers were more motivated to do more.

Pierce, Drogba, Huerk, and Kanort were now guarding the Mayor’s Mansion, and only Torres was with Fei in the watchtower on the west gate.

After calculating the time and making sure that the time limit got refreshed, Fei walked into the watchtower and traveled through a portal to enter Diablo World.


After the buzzing noise sounded, Fei vision blurred,

What surprised him was that he didn’t go into Diablo World directly. It felt like he was standing in space with the projection of the seven characters around him. These characters had different auras around them, and they were wearing the corresponding items in the game.

The Barbarian who had [Bul-Kathos’ Children] in his hands and [Immortal King’s Soul Cage – Sacred Armor] on his body looked the most dominating.

“As I expected…… after I went through all the quests as the Barbarian, something changed……” Fei thought about it and decided to go into Diablo World as the Barbarian.

He didn’t enter Diablo World directly this time; a dash of flame appeared before his eyes.

“Normal Mode.”

“Nightmare Mode.”

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