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Hail the King Chapter 451.2

Chapter 451: Elevation in the Lifeform (Part Two)

“Great! This means that I won’t encounter another Elena,” Fei relaxed after he got to this conclusion. However, to be sure, he walked around [Rogue Encampment] and double checked with all other NPCs. In the end, the same conclusion held; the NPCs were all dull and lifeless like the NPCs in the actual game. As he walked around the camp, he got his first quest in the Nightmare Mode from a new dull Akara, which was [The Den of Evil].

The sky in this world was extra-gloomy, and this world was stained by the power of evil even more compared to the world in the Normal Mode.

As soon as Fei stepped outside the camp, the intense evil energy rushed at him.

Fei quickly encountered the first monster in the Nightmare Mode, a [Spike Fiend].

Compared with the same monster in the Normal Mode, this [Spike Fiend] was twice the size; it looked like a calf. What shocked Fei the most was that this monster which could be counted as the weakest monster in Diablo World had the strength that was equivalent to a peak Nine-Star Warrior. Its strength was 100 times stronger than its counterpart in the Normal Mode!


Fei struck this monster with his blade, and the [Spike Fiend] instantly died.

At the moment, Fei could easily take care of Nine-Star Warriors.

In the next second, something magnificent happened. A drop of a type of golden liquid flowed out of this monster’s corpse, and it quickly dashed into Fei’s body.

“This……” As a heated current flowed through his body, it gave Fei an enjoyable and comfortable sensation.

This was very different compared to the Normal Mode. Fei recalled that a vague white fog would appear after he killed a monster and would enter his body, and the pleasant and comfortable sensation he just experienced would only occur when he was leveling up in the Normal Mode.

Fei thought about this as he started to kill monsters to level up.

He soon encountered two more types of monsters, [Fallen Shaman] and [Zombie]. Compared with their counterparts in the Normal Mode, these monsters were 100 times stronger in terms of damage and defense. Even though Fei was very cautious, he was injured and had to use several bottles of [Full Rejuvenation Potion].

When he was finally about to arrive at [The Den of Evil], he already killed about 50 monsters, and about 50 drops of the golden liquid entered his body.

When the 50th drop of the golden liquid entered his body, something magical occurred.

As if time paused in this world, a beam of golden light dashed down from the gloomy sky and enveloped Fei completely. Like a unique catalyst, an explosive ‘chemical change’ took place in Fei’s body; every single cell in his body was collapsing and exploding. After everything returned to the origin state, the energy started to shoot outward and formed numerous new cells.

At this moment, two clouds of golden mist flowed out of Fei’s body and bathed his body in them thoroughly.

The 50 drops of the golden liquid combined with these two clouds of golden mist. Together, they rushed through every single Warrior Energy Channel in Fei’s body and continued to reform and nurture his bones and flesh. Like the sand grains on the beach that were being washed by the waves of the ocean, Fei’s body would change every time this energy flowed through.

Fei clearly sensed that his body was becoming stronger and more powerful by the second.

It was a change in quality.

It was a complete elevation in the lifeform.

After the golden energy went through Fei’s body for the 99th time, an unprecedented energy appeared in the deepest part of Fei’s soul.

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