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Hail the King Chapter 452.1

Chapter 452: Change in the Nightmare Mode (Part One)

An unprecedented energy appeared in the deepest part of Fei’s soul. Compared with the golden liquid droplets and the two clouds of golden mist, this energy was thicker and more powerful. It even had a faint spirit and flowed around Fei intimately as if it was his lover. To Fei, this energy wasn’t unfamiliar; he had interacted with this energy before.

“Those two clouds of golden mist are the essences of Ancient Talic and Korlic after I defeated them on the summit of Mount Arreat in the Normal Mode. I thought they only contained the understanding that the Ancients had towards skill [Whirlwind] and [Leap Attack], but it seems like I was wrong. They seem like two seeds, and they are the catalyst to the body transformation that I experienced just now. No wonder I had to battle those Barbarian Ancients; at the time, I was wondering why I, a Barbarian, had to battle my ancestors. This must be the reason! It is an indirect way of power inheritance. Only the Barbarians who could defeat the Ancients could inherit the god-tier techniques of the Barbarian Clan.”

Many thoughts flashed in Fei’s head.

“Except for the energy from the two Ancients and the 50 drops of the golden liquid…… this intimate sensation…… it is from Angela!” Fei was shocked.

He was already concerned about this when Angela fainted; there were too many secrets on her, and she didn’t even know about them! Her ability to communicate with Demon Beasts and command them, the purest soul, and how she summoned a higher power to heal Fei yesterday in battle…… Fei had no idea where he should start.

“This sensation is not hostile at all! It feels like it is going to work together with the other two powers to push my body onto another level!”

After sensing that, Fei opened his body to those energies without any hesitation.

Time passed by quickly yet slowly. Everything around Fei was frozen in time, yet, Fei was able to sense the river of time flowing through his body rapidly. As if he was watching a game of chess, he felt like he was watching time passing by him as an outsider, and he wasn’t affected by it at all.

After god knows how long, that beam of golden light finally disappeared.

Fei’s body returned to normal, and the screams and roars of monsters sounded beside him. Also, the evil energy wrapped around his body again. He was standing in front of the entrance to [The Den of Devil] on the [Blood Boor] outside of [Rogue Encampment], and he felt like he was dreaming a moment ago.

Fei stretched his body, and he felt a lot of power.

The King felt like he was hallucinating; he felt like he could punch a hole in the sky, create numerous cracks in the ground using his feet, and blow mountains away using his breath.

The world in front of him was clearer as if he changed an old black-and-white television to the most advanced 4K television. It was strange; Fei felt like this world slowly opened up its arms towards him. A lot of things and incidents he couldn’t understand before were slowly revealing themselves in front of him, and he could get to the truth as long as he was willing to dig.

Two dark-red buttons appeared in his peripherals; one was [Character Status], and the other one was [Skill Tree]. Fei was extremely familiar with the two already.

He leveled up.

“The Barbarian Character is already level 99, and that should be the highest level there is. If I continue to level up, would I reach level 100? What would happen if I reach level 100?”

Fei thought about that as he opened up the status panel of the Barbarian.

He looked at it and froze.

“Name: Fei. Level: Nightmare Mode level 1. Strength: 30, Vitality: 20, Dexterity: 25, Energy: 10. Fire Resistance: 0, Cold Resistance: 0, Lightning Resistance: 0, Poison Resistance: 0. Residual attribute points: 5……”

Also, as a side discovery, Fei realized that the words on the status panel turned silver in the Nightmare Mode.

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