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Hail the King Chapter 452.2

Chapter 452: Change in the Nightmare Mode (Part Two)

“What is going on? All of my statistics got cleared? How did this happen?”

Fei was shocked. If everything got cleared, then his hard work since he came to this world would be wasted.

“But I still sense a ton of power in my body, and this power is even mightier than before?”

Fei closed this digital panel and started to sense the power in his body carefully. He summoned [Bul-Kathos’ Children] and used his most powerful technique, [Whirlwind]. A dash of silver sword energy rushed forward, and it dug out a trail that was more than ten meters deep on the ground. The dominant sensation dispersed into the area, and silver mists flowed in the air.

“Although my levels and statistics are gone, the power and energy are still in my body. In fact, they got even stronger!”

All of Fei’s worries disappeared after he made this discovery.

“If I’m not wrong, my power underwent a change in quality after I entered the Nightmare Mode. Before, my strength took on the form of transparent crystal when it left my body, now……” as Fei thought about that, he used Sky Frost Fist and punched out fiercely. Instantly, a silver fist mark that was the size of one cubic meter appeared and dashed into the sky.

This proved Fei’s hypothesis. After his power leveled up, the color of it changed as well.

The silver energy was a form of energy that was more than 100 times more powerful than the transparent crystal energy.

“Haha! What a surprise! Since my power level changed, then I should change the name of this technique. From now on, Sky Frost Fist will be changed to……” Fei thought about it in a good mood and came up with a cool name. He laughed and said to himself, “It will be called Invincible Emperor Fist!”

This name somewhat reflected Fei’s ambition. Since it was called Emperor Fist, it showed Fei’s desire to be a great ruler, and it implicitly went against Emperor Yassin’s legendary technique – Dragon Fist.

Currently, Fei’s technique was still being perfected and refined, and it couldn’t match against the legendary Dragon Fist. However, Fei believed that Invincible Emperor Fist would one day become a legend as well.

“Yassin is not inferior to any other! Such a heroic declaration!”

After thinking back to Yassin’s famous phrase, Fei was incredibly moved by it. Emperor Yassin’s fists defeated a ton of masters, and anyone who thought about that scene would feel like their blood was boiling.

After he calmed himself down, Fei opened up the panel that indicated his status. After giving it some thoughts, he put all five new attribute points into [Strength]. After going through the Normal Mode, Fei had new plans in his head regarding the directions of each of the characters. Since he could use all seven characters as he wished, he didn’t need to consider balancing a character, and he could try his best to emphasize the advantages of each character. As for his Barbarian Character, the invincible physical strength was the advantage it had.

On the other hand, Fei reserved the skill point he got from this level up, and he didn’t add it onto his skill tree.

As he stepped into [The Den of Evil] and started the first quest in the Nightmare Mode, Fei was a level 1 Barbarian.

Although the strength of the monsters increased dramatically, Fei also underwent the mystic change as well. In addition, he had completed this quest in the Normal Mode, and he knew where to go; in fact, he could go around [The Den of Evil] with his eye closed. In less than 20 minutes, Fei killed all the monsters in the den, and he got more than 70 drops of the golden liquid in his body.

After he left the den, he killed a few more monsters. When he got 80 drops of the golden liquid, he leveled up again.

As a beam of the golden light dashed down from the sky, the 80 drops of the golden liquid turned into a warm current and merged with all the cells in Fei’s body. After Fei’s combat ability increased again, he put all of the five attribute points into [Strength], and he didn’t touch the skill point.

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  1. Bakabakashi

    Finally he can kill that red robes master ox Jax!!! Please avenge Angela and Elena!

  2. Dakon

    I was hoping for a change in the game world, because even the first walkthrough was boring as hell. Having to read through that two more times is just torture.

    • jin

      Perhaps there will be different changes in nightmare mode, like new NPC/person or something. or Bosses with real emotions.

  3. Lastear

    Bc who needs points in constitution with a hardcore melee character?

  4. Lastear

    Bc who needs points in constitution with a hardcore melee build

  5. Jesus, “Invincible Emperor Fist”… SO cringy… Also Angela seems more effort than she’s worth at this point. Just shut yourself into closed door cultivation already… You’ll improve so much faster.

  6. Anarchy

    Because having having absolute strength, shitty defense and no speed makes sooo much sense

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