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Hail the King Chapter 453.1

Chapter 453: The Phenomenon (Part One)

After four hours, Fei already completed the first five quests in [Rogue Encampment] in the Nightmare Mode, and his Barbarian Character was now Nightmare Mode level 16.

He already had 110 points in [Strength], and his damage was at least six times more powerful than his previous level 99 Barbarian in the Normal Mode.

Right now, his Barbarian Character finally reached Moon-Class; his strength was equivalent to a level 6 low-tier New Moon Warrior.

After thinking about the fact that the gaming time of the day was almost up, Fei stopped killing monsters in the Monastery on the [Tamoe Highlands] and didn’t end up battling the boss Andariel on the first map. Instead, he opened up a portal and went back to the real world.



The moment before dawn was usually the darkest, and Torres had been waiting for Fei in the main hall in the watchtower on the west gate.

Usually, this trustworthy assistant of the King would be cultivating at this time. After his body was reformed by the [Hulk Potion], he had an insane amount of vitality just like the other warriors of Chambord. He was able to cultivate all night and still be energetic the next day without any sleep.

However, Torres wasn’t able to focus on cultivation tonight.

What happened today during the day was really depressing for all the soldiers and commanders on the side of Zenit. Especially since the future Queen of Chambord was injured and fainted, and the warriors of Chambord wanted to charge into the enemies and kill as many of them as possible. They couldn’t do anything at that moment, and they were all ashamed of themselves.

Torres was one of them.

He has been with the King for a while, and he understood Fei’s personality; he knew how much anger Fei was holding back.

“Damn it! What can I do to help His Majesty at this moment?” Torres knocked his head and thought to himself angrily. He knew he was too weak to help, but he was anxious and couldn’t concentrate on his cultivation.

It was dark in the night, and the lights in and out of the city decorated this darkness.

Except for the noise made by the wind blowing on the sand, there was no other sound.

After a while, Torres sighed and felt very powerless in front of the current situation. As he was about to force himself to concentrate and cultivate, he suddenly sensed something, and he turned around to look at the back room in shock.

A powerful energy sensation was radiating from there.

It was so mighty that Torres had the feeling of kneeling and worshipping it. He opened his eyes wide and murmured, “So powerful…… indefensible! This is familiar yet strange…… it feels like His Majesty’s sensation, but it isn’t the same…… who is this? What is going on?”

He stood up and wanted to go into the back room to check it out.

Only the King was inside the back room, but this sensation was different from his.

Torres wasn’t able to enter the back room; the silver energy waves shooting out of the back room was like a tornado, and he, a Six-Star Warrior, couldn’t even resist this energy and move forward.

The wild and powerful sensation radiated to the surrounding from the watchtower on the west gate.

In the next moment, more phenomenon appeared.

As if it was a response to the changes in the back room, a huge cloud vortex appeared on top of the watchtower and rotated rapidly.

It looked like a pair of godly hands had been moving things around, and this phenomenon was breathtaking.

Then, dashes of silver light shot out of the watchtower, and they lit up the nightly sky.

As people become uneasy when they saw this phenomenon, a sudden change occurred. A thick beam of silver light, that was so bright that people couldn’t even look directly at it, went through the ceiling of the watchtower, dashed into the sky, and connected with the clouds. When the light beam met the center of the cloud vortex, only the silver light could be seen in the area.

Powerful energy surge appeared and dispersed to the surroundings from that silver light beam like waves of the ocean.

This scene looked majestic and explosive; no one was able to make fun of it.


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