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Hail the King Chapter 454.1

Chapter 454: Especially Powerful (Part One)

That mid-aged man only took one peek at that silver light beam, and he looked away afterward as if it was quite boring. He looked up at the moon in the sky with sadness as if he had many things on his mind.

The cute boy beside this mid-aged man completely ignored what the man had said.

The boy sniffed the aroma of the wine in the air and stared at the large-size wine bag in the mid-aged man’s hands with his big cute eyes that could make anyone like him instantly. He looked greedy and wanted to steal the wine bag, but something was holding him back.

“Hey, what is that expression? What did I tell you? You are not allowed to drink! You would go crazy every time you drink, and I’m the one who has to take the blame for you. I’m very upset right now, but you aren’t even trying to comfort me! Are you trying to steal my wine right now? You aren’t even humane! Why did I create you? I’m regretting my decision now!” The mid-aged man got mad after seeing how the boy was looking at his wine bag.

“You old b-----d, stop that crap! I’m not a human, how can I be humane?” the boy licked his lips and refuted in disdain, “Have I not taken blames for you? Ten years ago, you got drunk and killed that so-called strongest Saint Knight. In the end, I was the one who had to take the blame for it. 50 years ago, for some odd reason, you wanted to go to the Regional Church in the Marse Empire and peep on the Saintess who was taking a bath. When you were discovered, you killed the Bishop there and blamed it all on me. 100 years ago……”

Hearing this boy spitting out his dark history, the mid-aged man froze for a second before yelling, “Damn it! I was wondering why I’m getting more and more perverted! You are the only thing that is willing to hang around me, and you aren’t a human! Ay! I must be too lonely……”

As he said that, his expression suddenly got serious as he added, “But all in all, that man who just advanced is quite powerful. I sensed something special in his aura, so we have to be careful. Our strengths are greatly reduced, and we are even being chased around like dogs by a few ant-like bugs.”

The boy sniffed the aroma even more and replied in disdain, “Let me make it clear; you are being chased like a dog, and I’m just keeping you company. I won’t mess around that man; do you think I couldn’t sense his potential and power? You said that the key principle of being rogue is that we need to fight the weak opponents, run from the powerful ones, be shameless, and act sneaky. How about we go and work for him? Haha, he might be willing to shield us.”

“We are now hated by many, and many people would flee when seeing us. Why would he be willing to help us? I think he would try to kill us right away if we go to him……”

“Ah! It is my bad luck that I have to hang out with you. If you aren’t my dad, I would have ditched you a long time ago……”

“Yuck! If I knew you are going to be like this, I couldn’t have created you. You can only cause trouble! I was living my life to the fullest when you aren’t around. After you appeared, I was hated by all……”

Under the moonlight, these two actually started to fight each other.

However, in the end, the boy still couldn’t get any wine from the mid-aged man.


Inside Dual-Flags City, the magnificent phenomenon woke up everyone. The residents ignored the curfew and all walked out of their homes and into the street, and the patrolling soldiers were shocked as well when they saw the thick silver light beam. Even the animals in the city lied on the ground as they shivered in fear.

“God! What is that? A ladder to heaven? What is going on? Is this doomsday?”

“That is in the direction of the west gate. Could it be that our Legion Commander King Alexander is using a god-like technique to kill the Sand Ghosts?”

“This is a miracle! The God of War has shown himself and is protecting Dual-Flags City! Thank God!”

The residents all kneeled on the street and kowtowed. With high emotion, they sensed the terrifying energy from the silver light beam and thanked the blessing from the God of War……

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  1. SaDDisT

    Dang! And its just moon class, whats more if its sun class

  2. Buhri

    Dang, if this phenomenon happens to all his class when he levels up them, he is going to create some trouble with the necromancer…

  3. Is he gonna blow up the empire when he gets sun class lol

  4. Lord Darkerrus

    Oh, It seems that the drunk man and the cute boy are the necro and the dragon.

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