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Hail the King Chapter 455.1

Chapter 455: Beat You to Vent My Anger (Part One)

Fei felt like the energy inside his body was about to explode, and he directed the energy upward through the roof of the watchtower.

A huge hole was created, and the silver energy shot into the giant cloud vortex like a light beam.

Somehow, Fei felt like he grasped onto something; the entire world seemed clearer in his eyes as if he understood the natural laws. This scene was too similar to what happened in Diablo World.

This was the core difference between Moon-Class Elites and Star-level Warriors; the Moon-Class Elites were able to see the natural laws in the world and utilize them in their favor.

With this feeling, Fei knew that this world finally approved him, and he was now an official Moon-Class Elite.

In the next moment, the crazy energy surge disappeared around his body, and that silver light beam was also gone.

Soon, the huge cloud vortex also followed suit and was nowhere to be seen. With the dark clouds gone, the moonlight finally shone on the land again. Entire Dual-Flags City was slightly lit up by the moon, and it looked like a city that was isolated yet holy.

Even though that silver light beam disappeared, the energy inside of it dispersed into the area and formed a colossal totem that was more than 1,000 meters tall.

This totem was indeed a Barbarian Warrior. It looked so real that it felt like someone painted this image into the sky. Even though there wasn’t any energy surge around this totem, it gave people a lot of pressure as if it was invincible.

This Barbarian Warrior Totem was wearing a full-body armor while holding swords in his hands, and he looked majestic like a god who was looking down at his loyal subjects in this world. Although his face couldn’t be clearly seen, his eyes were shiny with complex emotions in them such as anger, pity, honor, kind, cruelty, and possibility more……

If Akara and Cain saw this, they would scream out of shock. This totem was almost an exact image of the Immortal King Bul-Kathos, but he also looked a little like Fei.

After a while, the totem finally slowly dissolved in the air.

As he sensed the new and mighty power inside his body, Fei couldn’t help but to roar and express his feelings. However, this roar was loud and deep, and it traveled far beyond Fei’s expectation, informing the continent that a new Moon-Class Elite was born.

A series of footsteps sounded outside the room.

“Your Majesty, are you ok?” Torres rushed into the room with concern written all over his face. What just happened made this young man very anxious.

“Hahaha! Fernando, don’t worry. I just advanced into the realm of Moon-Class,” Fei smiled and said as he bathed in the silver light.

After a short moment of pause, an overjoyed expression appeared on Torres’ face as he single-kneeled and said, “Congratulations, Your Majesty! This is great! This…….” He was so excited that he didn’t know what do say. That thrill was from the bottom of his heart, and for a moment, Fei was even affected by Torres’ excitement.

“From now on, I could be counted as a powerful master!” the King thought to himself as his heart raced.

His fate was gradually being grasped and controlled by him.

On this continent that was ruled by the law of the jungle, the King and the Chambord Kingdom was finally more secured. From now on, incidents like what happened yesterday won’t happen again. Even if Fei had to face masters like that man in red again, he won’t be forced to that degree and feel that hopeless.

Soon, more footsteps sounded outside the watchtower.

Many people such as Pierce, Drogba, Shevchenko, Lampard, and Ribry all rushed into the watchtower. They were all anxious at first, but they relaxed as soon as they stepped into the room; they realized what had happened. Since Fei becoming a Moon-Class Elite was within their expectations, they all cheered after only a short moment of pause.

The fact that the Legion Commander advanced into the realm of Moon-Class at this moment gave them a lot of hope and calmed them down even more.

They felt like the tough situation Dual-Flags City was facing became easy.


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  1. moonclassyay

    Where is philip,4 other disciples and those other 40 martial st.’s disciples?The author seems to forget about them.

    • LOL, probably too weak to mention. Also, the author could have forgotten about them for now. Don’t worry, they would appear later on.

    • Rubik

      not all of wolf teeth entered the city
      maybe they are waiting outside

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