Chapter 456: First Battle as a Moon-Class Elite (Part One)

“Your Highness, we met again. I don’t want to do this, so let’s not talk much. Go get that [Snow Mountain Hermit]! We need to clear out what happened yesterday…… I can’t wait,” Fei said as he stepped forward. His aura was pressing, and many soldiers of Jax who were in his way spat out mouthfuls of blood as they backed off.

“Who do you think you are? How dare you challenge my master? Do you want to die?” an ear-piercing sneer sounded from afar, and Tony who had jealousy and hatred in his eyes appeared in front of Fei as his fire-elemental Warrior Energy flashed around him. Beside him, there was Modoc who had a concerned expression on his face.

“You lost to me easily, and you are just trash! If you don’t want to die, move away!” Fei took another step forward, and the ground started to shake as if there was an earthquake.

“You……” What Fei said hurt Tony’s self-esteem, and Tony opened his mouth and wanted to curse. However, when Fei glanced at him, he felt like he was electrocuted. As if a dash of sword energy pierced through his heart, he spat out a mouthful of blood, and his face instantly paled.

Everyone was shocked!

Fei injured a Moon-Class Elite using his eyes alone!

“God! What kind of strength is this?”

Fairenton and Modoc looked at each other and saw the shock on each other’s faces. They couldn’t even describe how they were feeling.

As the King of Chambord approached the soldiers, he brought along a terrifying aura. For a moment, more than 60,000 soldiers and more than 1,000 masters couldn’t do anything but to back off……

At this moment, a dash of red appeared in front of everyone.

It was [Snow Mountain Hermit], the man in red.

As soon as he appeared, the soldiers of Jax were all relieved. This man felt like a vast mountain standing in front of them, and he blocked all the pressures. The soldiers were finally able to breathe normally again, and they finally had the time to look at each other and be scared.

“Young man, you aren’t that patient. You just advanced, and you want to challenge me? Humph! You are trying to shame yourself!”

[Snow Mountain Hermit] sneered, and a powerful energy surge appeared around him. Like a burning sea of flames, it felt like this energy surge was trying to drown Fei in there.

Also, there was a murderous spirit flashing in this man’s eyes; it was evident that this man was trying to kill Fei.

However, Fei didn’t try to dodge. He stepped forward and laughed, “What? Do you want to kill me? Too bad that you missed your opportunity yesterday! From now on, you will never be able to kill me! That is right! Although I can’t defeat you and kill you right now, I can beat you up to vent my anger!”

“You are nothing but a reckless and brainless savage!” [Snow Mountain Hermit] said as his Warrior Energy placed more pressure on Fei.

Like a firm mountain, Fei’s body wasn’t affected by it at all. He broke through the Warrior Energy of his opponent by condensing his aura into a sword-like object and piercing through the pressure; this was the same technique that he used to injure Tony just now. In the same time, he laughed and attacked back, “If a savage gets angry, his enemies will die! I already know why you are here. Humph! I already established an alliance with that mysterious mage in the city, and you can’t achieve your plan! Go back to Big Snow Mountain when you can, haha!”

[Snow Mountain]’s expression changed, but he then followed it up with a burst of laughter, “The Mythical Gate is going to open in about two days, and a ton of masters would show up. There is no way that you two could keep the [Dragon Palace Ruins] all to yourselves! I will kill you today to prove to you how wrong you are!”

“Mythical Gate? Opening two days later?” Fei was thrilled to hear that.

“My hypothesis is correct! That invisible energy barrier is going to weaken or disappear soon, and all kinds of masters would be able to enter…… Wait! How does this man in red know about this? It seems like he had been waiting for this for a long time,” Fei thought.

However, Fei cared about the answers to these questions less. After his worries were gone, he instantly unleashed his energy.

A Barbarian Warrior Totem that was more than a few hundred meters tall gradually appeared behind Fei’s back, and it had a sense of majesty and ancientness to it.

The man in red was shocked again. “This is …… [Warrior Path Anomaly]? How could he get a [Warrior Path Anomaly]?”

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