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Hail the King Chapter 457.1

Chapter 457: One Day, There Will Be a Formal Battle! (Part One)

This man in red was planning to collide with Fei’s Combat Weapons using his fists alone!


Another huge noise sounded.

The ground cracked, and huge pieces of land that weighed more than 1,000 tons were thrown into the sky. A huge pit that was more than 100 meters deep appeared, and cold mists started to form in it. If this pit was a few hundred meters deeper, the water in the underground ocean could have jetted out through the pit for sure.

As clouds of dust went into the air, a figure got knocked away and flew in the air powerlessly.

It was…… [Snow Mountain Hermit]!

Although he wasn’t injured, and his aura was still the same, a few pieces of cloth from his clothes fell from the sky; his opponent cut his clothes, and it was a huge disrespect. This man in red’s calm and calculative demeanor was gone, and the mist that was covering his face also disappeared.

Fairenton and Modoc who were both [Snow Mountain Hermit]’s top disciples were completely stunned; they never imagined that it was their invincible master who would be knocked away. Tony, who was usually gloomy, fell into a state of fear; he knew that he probably would never have the courage to stand in the King of Chambord’s way again.

“Haha! I said that you couldn’t defeat me! Are you still going to try to fight back?”

Another figure flew out of the cloud of dust as he laughed. He swung the two swords in his hands, and many huge silver sword energies formed in the air. Soon, these sword energies condensed into real swords. Together, they created a colossal silver dragon and attacked [Snow Mountain Hermit] who was backing off. The noises made by the strike sounded like the roars of a dragon.


It was the most powerful technique that a Barbarian could learn, and Fei got the masteries from Ancient Talic.

It was the most powerful technique that Fei could use.

“You are seeking death! Damn you!!!” After being knocked away twice in a row, the anger on [Snow Mountain Hermit]’s mind reached a peak! This anger even overshadowed his rational thinking.

After all, he hadn’t been pushed to this degree in a long time, and the person who was doing this was a junior who he didn’t even acknowledge in the beginning.

Finally, he threw away the temperament of a Moon-Class Elite and unleashed his fire-elemental Warrior Energy completely. Risking getting injured by his own Warrior Energy in a backlash, he stopped his body that was moving back forcefully, and his face paled. After he made a series of hand gestures rapidly, dashes of huge lances made from his fire-elemental Warrior Energy appeared like a peacock opening its feathers. They formed a half circle that had a radius of 30 meters behind this man, and this scene looked too terrifying.

“Take this…… Snow……. Mountain…… Dragon…… Lance…… Strike!”

[Snow Mountain Hermit] was so mad that he spat out the name of his technique word by word.

After his body froze for a second, the peacock feather-like lances dashed towards the silver dragon.


Boom! Boom!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The dashes of lances collided with the silver dragon one after another.

Every time a fire dragon lance landed on the silver dragon that was made from the sword energies, some of the sword energies would explode and shatter. Looking from afar, it looked like the scales on the dragon’s body were being shaved off. It looked magnificent, and it seemed like a battle in the legends!

As the red lances kept on attacking the dragon, [Snow Mountain Hermit]’s body started to flow into the air. It felt like his power was limitless, and the dragon lances kept on shooting out behind him to strike the silver dragon.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

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