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Hail the King Chapter 457.2

Chapter 457: One Day, There Will Be a Formal Battle! (Part Two)

The silver dragon gradually got controlled, and its speed and power reduced significantly. In the end, it whined and collapsed into numerous sword energy fragments that fell from the sky, and the fragments created a silver light screen.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

The dashes of red lights pierced through the silver light screen and struck at Fei who was behind it.

[Snow Mountain Hermit] wanted to kill Fei and didn’t hold back at all. His ultimate technique [Snow Mountain Dragon Lance Strike] was used in full, and he levitated off of the ground as red dragon lances dashed at Fei like meteors from outer space.


“Hahaha! This is the interest on the loan you own me! I don’t need this piece of cloth, so you can have it! Remember, there will be a formal battle between us in the future!”

That dominating laugh sounded from several directions, and the King of Chambord was nowhere to be seen afterward. [Snow Mountain Hermit]’s dragon lances landed on the ground and cracked it, but they didn’t do anything to Fei.

Tink! Tink! Tink! Tink!

The peacock feather-like dragon lances behind this man in red closed from two sides, and the dozen dragon lances combined into one. Afterward, it disappeared into [Snow Mountain Hermit]’s body. With a black face, [Snow Mountain Hermit] looked at Dual-Flags City from afar and waved his hand to collect that piece of red cloth Fei threw down.

This piece of cloth was originally a part of his clothes, but it was chopped off by Fei using [Leap Attack].

To [Snow Mountain Hermit], this was a huge shame.

In this battle, he didn’t anticipate two things.

First of all, the toughness of Fei’s body was beyond his imagination. Even though he had been a level 5 mid-tier New Moon Warrior and the elements in this world nurtured his body for a long time, he couldn’t compete with Fei in this category at all. If he didn’t have more Warrior Energy and his Warrior Energy wasn’t condensed enough, he would have been injured right away.

Second of all, he didn’t know that this young king was able to control the tempo of the battle that well. He felt like this king was a genius who had been through numerous battles and was able to calculate everything quickly and precisely. [Snow Mountain Hermit] was more powerful than Fei, but he got pressured and dominated due to his miscalculations in the beginning, and he wasn’t able to use what he had.

“Such a dangerous young man! It doesn’t matter if it is in terms of battle experience or cultivation speed, he could be considered as a monster……”

[Snow Mountain Hermit] looked around with dangerous lights flashing in his eyes, but his opponent was nowhere to be found. In this battle, he didn’t just lose his face but also got scared by Fei. He wanted to charge into the city to kill this young man, but he knew that he would lose if this young king partnered up with that mysterious mage he knew. The Mythical Gate would open in two days, and many masters would appear. There would be bloody and cruel battles for the treasures, and he would lose out and potentially die if he got injured here today.

After thinking about this, he forced himself to let go of what happened.

“I will do whatever that is in my power to kill this young man!” [Snow Mountain Hermit] gritted his teeth and struck at the defense wall of Dual-Flags City with his palm as a way to vent his anger. The vast amount of red Warrior Energy rushed at the defense wall, and he wanted to destroy it as a return gift for Fei.


Brown light flames instantly appeared as soon as this Warrior Energy touched the defense wall of Dual-Flags City, and numerous magic symbols and runes lit up on the defense wall as if there were many fireflies in the air. This energy protected the defense wall, and it battled with the Warrior Energy inside this man in red’s destructive palm strike, creating loud noises and bright colors in the sky.

After a while, the noises were finally gone, and nothing happened to the defense wall except for the dust falling off of it.

[Snow Mountain Hermit]’s destructive palm strike didn’t even leave a mark on the defense wall, let along destroying it.

This man in red was stunned. After he looked at the defense wall that was more than 200 meters tall, he suddenly thought of something and didn’t dare to make a move anymore. As if he thought of something terrifying, he turned around and headed back into his tent without even looking back once……

The two masters only used three strikes each, but this circular area with a 500-meter radius was destroyed. A portion of the land mass was completely removed, and the iron-like black soil under the layers of sand was exposed.

After a moment of silence, Fairenton ordered the soldiers to go back to the campsites.

After several failures, the morale of these soldiers fell to an all-time low. Fairenton was even more worried now. The news about the food supplies being burned wasn’t spread out yet. However, if more food couldn’t arrive by tomorrow night, the soldiers might really need to kill their mounts for food and conserve limited food supplies even more.

After Fairenton separated from Modoc, he went into his central commanding tent. As he was able to take off his armor, his expression suddenly changed when he looked at the direction of the desk as if he saw a ghost. His face instantly paled, and his expression showed his excitement, respect, and shame. In the end, he simply kneeled.

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