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Hail the King Chapter 458.1

Chapter 458: Dangerous Existence in the Red Quicksand Moat (Part One)

Somehow, another man was standing in this central tent. This man wasn’t that tall, but he was strong. His curly long black hair showed that he had the blood of Jax in him, and multiple golden rings braided his hair into strands. He had his hands behind his back, and the dark-yellow delicate robe on him added to his majesty and commanding presence.

“Get up, don’t be too hard on yourself. In my opinion, you already did great,” this man said to Fairenton without even turning around to look at him, but no one could go against his voice.

“But……” Fairenton looked more ashamed after he heard that. He said, “I wasn’t able to conquer Dual-Flags City, and our men are stopped here for a long time. On top of that, a lot of our food supplies were burned……”

“Conquer Dual-Flags City?” that man laughed and said, “It is too difficult! You underestimated Zenit! Even if I led the troops here myself, I would have to pay a hefty price. Do you know how much energy and effort Yassin put into this city? Hehe, do you think Yassin got his name from nowhere? How could a city designed by him be easily conquered? I allowed you to come here, but I wasn’t planning for you to get military merits; I wanted you to know about things that you didn’t know before…… Besides, who knew that a genius like Alexander would appear in Zenit. Yassin’s heart and mind are still worth praising! He values this little guy a lot as well!”

That man paused for a second before he changed the topic, “Eh, I already saw the military report you gave to the Military Headquarter. It was good! You could only think that way when you are clear on certain subjects. You did the right thing as well. The background of this King Alexander is special, so it is good that you two built a certain level of friendship. However, that is not enough! You need to know more about him! Maybe one day, he could work for us and be of great assistance to you!”

“Yes, I understand,” Fairenton replied; he was even more respectful towards this man compared to his master [Snow Mountain Hermit]. He slowly got up and asked after a moment of thought, “Our food supplies got……”

That man turned around and waved his hand as he said, “Don’t worry, I already knew about it. I came here tonight because of it, and I already ordered Davis to get another shipment of food supplies here by tomorrow. It should last you a while.”

“General Davis is coming? That is great!” Fairenton got excited.

Davis was one of the few top-tier generals Jax had. He was one of the few influential figures from the last dynasty, and he had blocked Emperor Yassin outside of Amsterdam for more than ten days. If the nobles and officials of Jax weren’t that corrupt and didn’t strip away this general’s military status, Emperor Yassin wouldn’t be able to conquer Amsterdam that easily 26 years ago.



“Dual-Flags City’s defense wall is solid! As I expected, it is enough to defend against the angry strike from [Snow Mountain Hermit]. However, the brown power flame and the magic runes and symbols are too mysterious and powerful!” Fei thought as he stood on a sand hill that was 2.5 kilometers away from the city.

Fei actually didn’t go back to the city but instead went out of Jax’s defense line.

Even though he was a lot more powerful after he advanced to the Moon-Class, he was still weaker than [Snow Mountain Hermit] in terms of absolute strength. If the battle prolonged, he would get into a disadvantage. Fei wasn’t planning to kill this man who caused both Angela and Elena to faint; he only wanted to see if he could get more information on the underground ocean and to battle an opponent who could bring him enough pressure so that he could get used to using his new power effectively.

Of course, beating [Snow Mountain Hermit]’s butt in front of the soldiers and commanders of Jax was also one of the reasons, and it dropped the morale of his enemies as he expected.

After the three strikes and the short battle, he got everything he wanted; this mission was a success.

Next, Fei dashed toward Death Ancient City quickly.

30,000 soldiers in [Wolf Teeth Legion] and most of the supplies for the legion were now inside Death Ancient City. Although Magic Princess Cindy and [Silver-Armored Vicious Sword] Reyes were guarding the city, Fei wanted to go back and check on it. After all, this city hadn’t been occupied for hundreds of years, and there might be dangers hidden in it.

Fei who was now a Moon-Class Elite was speedy. As if he was a dash of lightning, Death Ancient City was already within his sight after a few seconds. Like a terrifying beast, this city was silent yet looked vicious.

On the way to Death Ancient City, Fei was sensing the changes that took place in his body after his advancement.

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