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Hail the King Chapter 459.1

Chapter 459: The Old B-----d and the Little B-----d (Part One)

“Legion Commander? Your aura……” Reyes couldn’t believe his eyes. After he made sure that it was Fei, he was shocked; he couldn’t believe that the Legion Commander increased his strength again by this much in just a day. From the sensation he got, he knew that Fei was now a Moon-Class Elite.

This discovery shocked and disappointed him.

He thought back to his claims of defeating [One Sword] and the King of Chambord during the competition among the affiliated kingdoms, and they were all a joke now! Since [One Sword] and the King of Chambord had grudges between them, [One Sword] decided to join another legion and went to Eindhoven Battle Zone to accumulate military merits. He, on the other hand, joined [Wolf Teeth Legion] because he was curious about Fei and respected Fei. He thought he would one day catch up to the King of Chambord, but it seemed like the distance between them was getting bigger and bigger.

“Yes, I’m a Moon-Class Elite now,” Fei smiled and replied as he pulled back his power.

Although Reyes was a little arrogant, he wasn’t a bad person, and he was quite straightforward.

The Joy Sorrow Separate Gather Sword Array he used when battling [One Sword] was a high-level technique. It was able to control other people’s emotions, and it would be terrifying if it was cast by someone who had a ton of Warrior Energy. Even if this technique wouldn’t be considered as a Mythical Technique, it was at least a Legendary Technique.

Fei treasured talents like Reyes, and he unleashed some of his power to deter Reyes and decrease the arrogance in his nature. If the opportunity was there, the King would want to officially recruit this young man just like Shevchenko.

After all, if Chambord wanted to stand straight in this chaotic world, it couldn’t solely rely on Fei.

“This Death Ancient City is complex; how is the search going?” Fei looked around and saw that all the soldiers were in cloth armor. Although Star-level Warriors like Reyes were able to resist the magnetic field in the city, the ordinary soldiers would be stuck to the ground if they wore metal armors.

There were lights in the city.

Some of the old wooden buildings were torn down, and the wood pieces were used to lit up campfires. This is the only way that the soldiers could fight against the chilliness in the desert at night.

“Sir, the city is mostly cleaned. Except for bones, nothing else was found. This is really a city of death……” Reyes reported to Fei.

Suddenly, he thought of something and said with a strange expression on his face, “Sir, two powerful masters came to the city half an hour ago. We couldn’t defeat them…… It was fortunate that they didn’t want to injure anyone. They took over the main palace and are currently resting in there…… They asked Ms. Cindy to cook and serve the……”

“What?” Fei was shocked. The people who could enter the city without using that secret passage were all Moon-Class Elites! There was no way that the soldiers of Zenit in this city could deal with them!

He quickly asked, “Who are they? What do they look like?”

“One of them looks like a homeless mid-aged mage, and the other person is a little boy. That little boy looks as cute as an angel, but he is mighty. I couldn’t even move when he stared at me……” Reyes said quietly; it looked like this [Silver-Armored Vicious Sword] was in a big disadvantage against that little boy. After a moment of pause, he added while rubbing his arm, “We couldn’t contact you right away, so we could only wait for you. It is fortunate that you came so soon.”

“Eh, it is my bad. I didn’t give you guys a way of contacting me for urgent matters,” Fei nodded and said.

At this moment, Fei was almost sure that these two masters described by Reyes were the mid-aged man and the child that Shevchenko and his team encountered yesterday. Fei was curious about them, and he didn’t anticipate them coming to Death Ancient City. Since they didn’t injure any soldiers, they shouldn’t be the vicious and murderous kind. Therefore, Fei was eager to see them.

“Take me to them,” Fei said as he walked towards the main palace inside the city.


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