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Hail the King Chapter 462.1

Chapter 462: Battle Between Undead Energy (Part One)

This grey mist was the purest and most legendary Undead Energy – Death Energy.

Death could be counted as a type of energy, and this energy was called Death Energy.

The supreme literature of the [Undead Shrine], [Code of Death], documented this final form of Undead Energy. Once the Undead Energy reached the summit, it would return to its root and become pure Death Energy. This energy was a power that was acknowledged by the gods, and it was so pure that it contained unimaginable power. Just like the Holy Power of the Holy Church, it had the power of life revival and enlightenment.

Unfortunately, since the mysterious disappearance of the 99th Undead Pope, no one was able to get on that level and gain control of the Death Energy; that was the core reason why the [Undead Shrine] lost the battle with the Holy Church.

Of course, some people thought that the Death Energy was considered as a power that even the gods were afraid of, and they believed that the gods wanted this power to disappear from the continent.

It had been many years since the [Undead Shrine] was conquered. In the beginning, there were many passionate Undead Mages who wanted to find the missing Undead Pope and wanted to get to the final form of the Undead Energy to save the [Undead Shrine]. There were a few talented geniuses who accomplished some extraordinary things, but the trend couldn’t be turned around by a few people. In the end, they were all captured and were burned alive on the fire cross on the Holy Mountain, Waulu Mountain.

As a Senior Elder, Hazel Bank had tried hard to revive the [Undead Shrine] as well. However, the cruel reality forced this man, who was influential in the old days, to run around and hide like a homeless dog in order to escape from the execution of the Holy Church. The last era was the era where Undead Energy was oppressed, and Hazel Bank lost hope and confidence. Therefore, he hid his impossible dream of reviving the [Undead Shrine] in his mind and tried to use liquor to numb himself.

As he was chased tightly after by the people of the Holy Church, his strength decreased, and he couldn’t win those fights anymore. In the last while, he was in a rough state.

About half a month ago, he suddenly learned a very secretive news.

He heard that a mysterious Undead Mage attacked a [God’s Favorite Child] named Kaka near the territory of the Zenit Empire, and a Moon-Class priest who protected Kaka was killed. Furthermore, he heard that the mysterious Undead Mage who attacked this [God’s Favorite Child] was able to use the power forbidden by the gods, the Death Energy, and was able to use high-level Undead Spells. It was very likely that this mysterious Undead Mage was someone who survived the massacre the Holy Church brought to the [Undead Shrine].

This news only got around in the elite circle, and all the powerful masters who knew about that were shocked.

The high-up officials in the Holy Church were enraged, and they paid close attention to this case. A ton of masters was sent to investigate this matter, and they wanted this mysterious Undead Mage killed!

At first, Hazel Banks ignored this news.

He didn’t believe that someone was able to use the pure Death Energy and high-level Undead Spells in this era. In his mind, he and a few other friends who survived that massacre were the only ones who were capable of using high-level Undead Spells.

However, this news stuck to his head as it ignited the hope in his mind. Therefore, he started to investigate this matter on his own in secrecy.

He didn’t think that there was a mysterious Undead Mage who was capable of all that, but he did believe that there must be a new talented young Undead Mage. He wanted to protect and save this one of the few young talents there were, so he came to Zenit to search for this mysterious Undead Mage. However, he didn’t find anything, and he got discovered by the masters of the Holy Church. As a result, they chased after him, and he barely got into the desert alive.

Fate was sometimes mystic.

Just as Hazel Bank lost all hope, what was impossible became a reality in front of him.

What he saw shocked him liked a bolt of lightning.

“You are…… you are the Undead Mage who tried to assassinate [God’s Favorite Child] Kaka?” Hazel Bank asked in a shaky voice. Although he had seen a lot in his lifetime, he became scared, and his throat got dry; he was afraid that what he saw was a hallucination he had due to his old age.

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