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Hail the King Chapter 463.1

Chapter 463: How About Joining Us? (Part One)

After looking at the bright smile and sensing the arrogant attitude of this young King, Hazel Bank knew that this young man was waiting for him to summon a skeletal mage as well. Although he was provoked, he couldn’t summon a skeletal mage in the same way.

When he was at his prime, he still needed to chant a spell before he could summon a skeletal mage. Since he was injured by the masters from the Holy Church already, he needed to put in more effort to summon a skeletal mage.

Since he wanted to test this young King who he believed was the [Death‘s Favorite Child], he ordered six black skeleton soldiers to charge at the white skeletal mage.



The skeletal mage simply swung its arms, and the clouds of lightning in its hands flew out and blew four black skeleton soldiers into pieces.

“Such power!” Hazel Bank’s eyebrow twitched; the power of this skeletal mage was beyond his expectation.

“Is this the power the Undead Spells could achieve when the Death Energy that even the gods are afraid of powers them? If someone had this power and had the assistance of the [Code of Death], the [Undead Shrine] won’t be conquered that easily by the Holy Church,” Hazel Bank sighed.

What this man didn’t know was that even though Fei’s Death Energy was pure, it was different from the Undead Energy in this world; Fei couldn’t summon tens of thousands of skeleton soldiers and skeletal mages. There was a limit to the number of creatures Fei could summon; he was now a level 65 Necromancer, and he could only summon five skeletal mages that were capable of random spells and eight skeleton soldiers.

However, Hazel Bank was sure that this young King in front of him was the person in the legends who had the supreme Death Energy. The people who had golden Holy Power in the Holy Church were referred to as [God’s Favorite Children]. Since the Holy Church was influential and wealthy, it was capable of having more than a dozen [God’s Favorite Children]. On the other hand, the people who could use the Death Energy either naturally or through cultivation were referred to [Death’s Favorite Children]. Even though the two titles were only different by one word, they were very different in reality. It had been years since the [Undead Shrine] collapsed, and no [Death’s Favorite Child] had appeared in a long time.

In Hazel Bank’s eyes, Fei’s appearance represented the new beginning of the [Undead Shrine], and his hope was no longer impossible in his mind. In his head, Grim Reaper His Majesty was able to start caring for his loyal subjects again.

As he stared at this young King who somehow had the Death Energy and knew high-level Undead Magics, a vague plot emerged in his head.

As Hazel Bank was shocked, that boy Arthur was also stunned. His mouth was opened so wide that it could fit a dragon egg. Both of them didn’t anticipate that the new powerhouse in the Zenit Empire was indeed an Undead Mage.

At the same time, the King was enjoying the reaction from these two. Ever since he got the power of the seven characters from Diablo World, he showed cased six of them including the Barbarian, the Paladin, the Druid, the Amazon, and the Sorceress in public. However, he wasn’t able to showcase the Necromancer Character; it was like him taking a V----a but couldn’t use it anywhere. Now, he finally met someone who he was able to show off to; he wasn’t going to let go of the opportunity.

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  1. Ten

    LMFAO at that V----A joke.

  2. Vandes

    Is he just a kid now? At this point he’s just being plain childish. This “showing off” is going to cost him, a lot (probably). Unless some stupid plot armor kicks in.

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