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Hail the King Chapter 464.1

Chapter 464: Persuasive Enough? (Part One)

Fei was a little disappointed after hearing the rejection.

After he made an educated guess about the identities of these two people, he had been thinking about recruiting them to Chambord. Except for Lampard who had some secrets, other warriors and masters of Chambord such as Drogba, Pierce, and Torres were all stimulated by Fei using the [Hulk Potion] and other methods; it was in a way pulling on the grass to make them grow taller.

(TL: An Chinese Idiom describing the action of exhausting future potential just to make quick gains. In this case, although the potential of these warriors was limited, it was still not sustainable.)

Although these men were loyal, they were all from the little Chambord Kingdom and lacked a broad view of the world around them.

However, people like Hazel Bank were different.

This Undead Mage had made a name for himself more than 100 years ago. Even though he was severely injured at the moment, he was still a master who had seen a lot of incidents and was very knowledgeable; he was like a walking encyclopedia. If Fei could get help from a man like this, it would be no different to putting a pair of wings on a tiger.

(TL: A Chinese Idiom describing the action of making someone powerful even mightier.)

After the short moment of interaction and knowing the calm attitude Hazel Bank had towards the soldiers of Zenit in this deserted city, Fei knew that this man wasn’t a bad person as the rumors had stated but rather a man with integrity and ethics. Also, since Fei had the Necromancer Character and had the Death Energy, he didn’t naturally dislike Hazel Bank. Instead, because of the empathy he had towards the fate of the Undead Mages in this world, he felt somewhat intimate towards them.

Everything fitted Fei’s criteria, but he didn’t expect the refusal.

However, Fei smiled and wanted to recruit Hazel Bank even more after hearing the reasoning this Undead Mage gave.

The fact that Hazel Bank thought that way meant he was already putting Fei before himself. Fei felt like this man had a better character than he initially believed since Hazel Bank could still think this way when he was in this terrible situation.

“Don’t worry! I have my ways of dealing with the Holy Church. I can promise you that they won’t find a thing,” Fei patted his chest and swore.

Hazel Bank shook his head and said earnestly, “Young man, you can say that because you don’t know how terrifying the Holy Church is. Some people and forces could fool them, but you and Chambord couldn’t do it. Young man, don’t bet on your luck; you can’t bear the consequences if it fails.”

Fei laughed and replied, “What if I can? I mean if I can deal with the Holy Church, would you be willing to join me?”

The Undead Mage shook his head again as he observed the stubborn expression on Fei’s face; he thought this stubbornness originated from the self-conceitedness of a young man who hadn’t seen much of the world yet. However, he then nodded and replied, “If you can prove to me that you could fool the Holy Church, I will join Chambord and serve you. However, your method of fooling them has to be acknowledged by me.”

“Hehe, little guy, give up! This Old B-----d is really stubborn! His donkey-like personality is stinky and unchangeable like the rocks in Hell! In the last 100 years, I haven’t seen anyone who successfully persuaded him!” Arthur walked over and jumped up to pat Fei’s shoulder.

Although Fei knew that this little boy wasn’t ordinary, the elderly tone this boy use was still hilarious. This boy looked small, but he talked as if he was Fei’s grandpa……

However, Fei didn’t say a thing; the King simply changed to the Paladin Mode.

The power of the level 72 Paladin was released, and a vast amount of golden Holy Power emitted to the surroundings. The cold and gloomy Undead Energy that previously filled the palace instantly disappeared, and the place was now warm and bright.

“Ah!…… You…… it hurts! Ah!……” Arthur who still had his hand on Fei’s shoulder didn’t react in time, and the golden Holy Power instantly burned his small pink hand. As a nose-piercing smell appeared, Arthur dashed away as if he encountered something terrifying.

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