Chapter 464: Persuasive Enough? (Part Two)

“This…… huh?! Impossible! That is impossible!” Hazel Bank was stupefied.

As the majestic and vast golden Holy Power rushed out of Fei’s body, the entire palace was lit up. As if this Holy Power was going to clean up this place, it went to every corner of the palace, and the holy sensation would make people feel like kneeling down and worshipping it.

This was the purest Holy Power; only the luckiest and most devoted people could have it.

“How could a person with the supreme Death Energy and high-level Undead Spells be capable of the Holy Power? That is impossible! The grey Undead Energy and the golden Holy Power are like water and fire; they couldn’t be kept together in harmony! Like water and fire, light and darkness, they are mutually exclusive! This is the iron law that existed over thousands of years! But it is broken by this young King easily!” Hazel Bank thought.

As the golden Holy Power shined in the palace, the black skeleton soldiers that Hazel Bank summoned started to melt as if they were snowflakes in a hot summer day. As the black mist flowed out of the black skeleton soldiers, the skeletons collapsed onto the ground and cracked.

The Undead Creatures Fei summoned in the Necromancer Mode disappeared when he switched to the Paladin Mode, so the Holy Power didn’t harm them.

Even though Hazel Bank’s body was hurting from the golden Holy Power, he was so shocked that his reaction speed was dull. It was the slowest few seconds he ever experienced in his lifetime. He never thought that this was possible, and his composure was completely lost. His mouth was wide open, he forgot to breathe, and his mind was blank!

Arthur who ran behind Hazel Bank was undergoing some drastic changes.

His clear and crystal-like eyes turned completely black like two abysses as if they would even devour the sunlight; they weren’t the eyes of a human. At the same time, his hand that was burned by Fei’s Holy Power changed shape. The pink skin got burned off, and what was underneath was a black bone claw that was reflecting chilling lights; it looked vicious and terrifying.

It wasn’t the hand of a human but the claw of a Demon Beast!

Fei suddenly recalled a rumor; the evil Undead Mage Hazel Bank had once created a mighty Undead Bone Dragon! It was heard that this evil Undead Bone Dragon was capable of substantial destructive force, and it followed Hazel Bank around and created a trail of victories. In short, it was almost invincible……

“Could it be that this little boy is that powerful Undead Bone Dragon? This is too surprising!”

Just like Fei predicted, a painful expression appeared on Arthur’s face as the Holy Power shined on him more. His skin started to disappear, and chunks of black bones were revealed. Soon, his little body began to enlarge, and the little boy that was about 1.2 meters tall grew to more than four meters tall. Half of his body was still in the shape of the little boy, but the other half of his body was a huge skeletal creature! It was bizarre and terrifying!

The bones in Arthur’s body were huge! They were obviously bones of a dragon!

However, this Undead Bone Dragon that was terrifying and powerful years ago was now really weak. It was barely on the level of mid-tier New Moon, so its strength was a little weaker compared to [Snow Mountain Hermit].

Black mist continued to smoke out of Arthur’s body as he met his nemesis. Although his face still looked like a boy, he roared and let out a series of loud sound waves; that sent clouds of dust and chipped bones into the air.

Hazel Bank who was stupefied finally woke up after hearing the roar, and he quickly chanted some spell as he injected several dashes of black mist into Arthur’s body. Gradually, this Undead Bone Dragon calmed down, and its body started to turn back to the shape of a boy.

At this time, Fei pulled back his aura of the Paladin, and all the golden flames in the palace disappeared.

“What do you think of my proof? It is persuasive enough?” Fei asked with a bright smile on his face.

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