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Hail the King Chapter 465.1

Chapter 465: We Will Join (Part One)

“This…… How did you do that?” Hazel Bank asked subconsciously as he was shocked and couldn’t figure it out.

The people who could use the Death Energy were referred to as the [Death’s Favorite Children], and the people who could use the golden Holy Power were referred to as the [God’s Favorite Children]. But now, they were one person. It was something that could shock the entire continent.

Fei smiled and said mysteriously, “This is a secret…… Hehe, but you can make a decision now, right?”

“This……” Hazel Bank paused for a second before continuing, “Yes, you have the golden Holy Power. The people who have this power is called [God’s Favorite Children], and you can join the Holy Church at any time and become a high-up official. You even have the potential of becoming the next Pope. With this power, no one would dare to point their fingers at you. If they do, they would be shaming the god. Since you can switch between the Death Energy and the golden Holy Power smoothly, you can fool the Holy Church if you are careful.”

After another pause, Hazel Bank frowned and asked, “But, are you a [God’s Favorite Child] or a [Death’s Favorite Child]? In the battle between the Holy Church and the Undead Shrine, which side would you take?”

“Is this decision that important?” Fei looked at this Undead Mage and asked as he looked at him with a strange expression, “Why do I need to make a decision? People are free to choose the power and energy they want to cultivate. If I stand with the Undead Shrine, would it mean that I need to treat the people in the Holy Church the same way as how they treated the Undead Mages? If I reached the top, would I have to kill everyone who cultivates the Holy Power?”

Fei shook his head and continued, “No, I won’t do that. Otherwise, it is just another vicious cycle. It is meaningless. Do you want that to happen? The people with power do the wrongs, but it is the people who are at the bottom of the social ladder that would suffer. If I need to make a decision, I will stand with all the cultivators in this world. There is no right or wrong in the different paths of cultivation; there are just righteous and evil people.”

Hazel Bank fell into a moment of silence after hearing that.

Fei looked at this Undead Mage and didn’t regret anything.

He didn’t want to surprise this man, but his ways of thinking and views of the world were already formed on Earth. He didn’t like the Holy Church, but he didn’t want to kill everyone who was involved with it. In fact, Fei didn’t even want to rule the continent or conquer other empires; in his mind, those were just too much work. If one day he were powerful enough to shield his loved ones from the harm that existed in this world that was ruled by the law of the jungle, he would rather chill and travel with his friends and families.

The atmosphere in the palace was silent.

Arthur who returned to his human form stood behind Hazel Bank and looked at Fei with complex emotions in his eyes. As an intellectual creature created by Hazel Bank hundreds of years ago, he had seen enough of the world to make his mind and judgments. Although he hated those Holy Knights and Priests of the Holy Church who were all hypocrites and wanted to kill them all, he felt like what this young King had said was indeed how everything should be.

After a while, the silence persisted.

Hazel Bank lowered his head and thought carefully. He frowned, and a ton of sweat appeared around his temples and slid down his neck. In the end, his sweat even contained some blood! This would only occur if someone were thinking extremely hard.

Fei waited patiently for this Undead Mage’s decision.

Time passed by slowly.

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