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Hail the King Chapter 465.2

Chapter 465: We Will Join (Part Two)

Suddenly, Hazel Bank opened his eyes that were as clear as ever. The faint worry hidden deep in his eyes disappeared, and a smile appeared on his face. The atmosphere in the palace instantly turned light and casual.

“You are right! Arthur and I will join Chambord,” the Undead Mage opened his mouth and said.

Fei finally let go of the breath he was holding in and relaxed.

Having Hazel Bank joining Chambord was a huge surprise! Although the King only came up with this idea not too long ago, he was taking some risk. If they ended up disagreeing and battling, that would be a terrifying situation. Even though Hazel Bank and Arthur couldn’t harm Fei, they could destroy Death Ancient City and close to 30,000 soldiers of Zenit in here. Of course, Fei didn’t make an impulsive decision. His Necromancer Character and his Paladin Character both added to his chance of success.

“It is an honor to have an Elder like you join us. I’m sure time will prove to you that your decision is indeed correct,” Fei said as he took out a bottle of wine and handed it to Hazel Bank respectfully.

“Hey, kid! The Old B-----d agreed, but I haven’t! What kind of treasure do you have? Gold, weapons, valuables…… take them out and let me have a look!” Arthur suddenly ran to Fei with his hands on his waist as he shouted; it looked like he was about to rob Fei.

“Little kid!” Fei slapped Arthur’s head as he took out another bottle of wine.

“You……” Arthur was mad after he got slapped, but he couldn’t resist the wine. He took the wine quickly with green lights flashing in his eyes before drinking it happily.

Although this Undead Bone Dragon that was evil and vicious in legends had lived for hundreds of years, he did behave just like a little kid. After being with this Undead Mage after a long time, he got a little greedy and a little lewd; also, he had a slight drinking problem. In addition, since he was created from the skeleton of a real dragon, the strong possessiveness towards treasures couldn’t be eliminated. After hundreds of years of accumulation, this little boy was now indeed a little devil.

However, the good thing was that little kids like Arthur could be easily dealt with. In this case, a bottle of aromatic wine would do.


Dual-Flags City.

Inside a building in the Church.

“What is going on? I couldn’t detect those two devils with my Crystal Eyes?” Red-Robed Deacon Pellegrini murmured as the strong silver Holy Power slowly disappeared. His fingers left the white crystal sphere on the table, and he was exhausted from using the technique to search for Hazel Bank and Arthur in the area.

“Sir, could it be that those two devils left after detecting our appearance?” a Holy Knight asked.

“Impossible! You guys don’t know Hazel Bank that well; this devil is never scared of anyone. In addition, the Mythical Gate is opening the day after tomorrow. If he wants to restore his strength, he would want to enter the Mythical Palace to seek……” Pellegrini shook his head and said. “Theoretically, he and that evil dragon should only have the strength of New Moon at the moment, and they couldn’t escape from my Crystal Eyes. However, I can’t detect them now! Could it be…… impossible!” it looked like he thought of a possibility and instantly rejected it.

“Sir, what is impossible?” the youngest priest in the team asked; he was the most inexperienced as well.

However, Pellegrini’s face dropped as he looked at this young man. Afterward, he ignored him and left this building.

It was evident that the Red-Robed Deacon wasn’t pleased.

The other people in the team looked at this young man with gloating expressions as they left this building as well; they all returned to their rooms to rest.

“Jessie! When can you learn to read the situation and act accordingly?” the weakest Holy Knight named Alan said as he walked over and patted Jessie’s shoulder. He explained, “Unless that Undead Mage’s strength is much higher than Mr. Pellegrini’s! If that is the case, it meant that we were all fooled by that devil! Otherwise, how could Mr. Pellegrini be able to detect that devil before but not now? You got to learn to become smarter! Everyone knows it, but you had to make it public. Aren’t you making Mr. Pellegrini look bad?”

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  1. Walensium

    Thanks for the chapters. I knew that Fei was going to show his holy power. Wew. Hopefully things go we for Fei and the siege at Dual city gets lifted soon.

  2. Leon

    The mc now lacking real friend and rival… He only have enemy and subordinate…

    • OG

      Hazel Bank should prove a good mentor. Centuries of experience. And HB already respects Fei.

    • Ouroboros Infeos

      Here Fei is a king and a King doesn’t need someone like that cause will destroy the initial image given

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