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Hail the King Chapter 466.1

Chapter 466: The Corrupt Church (Part One)

Alan was the weakest Holy Knight in the group, and the other people in the group didn’t value him. Therefore, he was in a similarly awkward situation as Jessie. However, he was smart and kept a low-profile. He wasn’t a bad person, so he came over to point it out for Jessie when this young Priest was in an embarrassing situation.

After Alan said that to Jessie, he also walked out of this building.

The young Priest named Jessie sighed and shook his head at this empty building. As if he was displeased by something, he murmured to himself, “There are multiple possibilities if Crystal Eyes couldn’t locate them. There could be a more powerful Undead Mage shielding them, and they could be inside a cemetery that is more than 1,000 years old; the thick Death Energy in such locations could cover up their auras…… After all, there could be many scenarios. But you guys could only think about the surface matter? Embarrass him? Would I do that? Boring……”

A strange smile appeared on this young Priest’s face as he walked out as well.

As the moonlight shined on the ground, a series of footsteps sounded.

Jessie looked in the direction of the noise and saw a few Holy Knight Apprentices and Priests-In-Training of the church in Dual-Flags City walking over with more than a dozen pretty girls who were in white dresses. Most of these girls were about 18 years old, and they looked holy and saint. Some of the girls seemed surprised and hopeful, and some of them had tears in their eyes as they looked helpless.

“What is going on?” Jessie stopped them and asked.

A Holy Knight Apprentice quickly ran over and said with a fluttering smile on his face, “Sir, they are the virgins in the Choir. They are here to help masters like yourself in the Execution Team to sleep. Hehe, I can promise you that they are all virgins!”

The other Holy Knight Apprentices and Priests-In-Training also smiled and flattered. Although this young Priest Jessie only had a low-position in the Execution Team, he was looked up to by these people in this church.

“Virgins from the Choir? Sleep with us?” Jessie couldn’t believe his ears.

Although he had heard rumors where influential figures in the Holy Church were summoning virgins from the Choirs, he didn’t believe it; he thought it was just dirt that the enemies of the Holy Church threw. Now, he encountered such a thing himself……

“How could such a thing occur in the Holy Church? The virgins in the Choirs might become the Saintess who is destined to serve the gods, how could the mortals stain them?” Jessie couldn’t believe it.

“How dare you! Reckless……” a huge power sensation appeared from this young Priest’ body as he shouted, “Who? Who dared to ask for virgins in the Choir to sleep with them? You are shaming the God! Go away! Do you want to be hung?”

The Holy Knight Apprentices and Priests-In-Training were terrified as if it was doomsday. They wanted to please these people from the Holy Mountain, but it seemed like they did the wrong thing.

Jessie was furious, but he felt helpless as well.

He saw that some of the girls from the Choir were disappointed by his order, and they looked at him with resentment in their eyes before they left. It felt like they thought this young Priest took away their opportunity.

“Women like these are even worse than prostitutes. How are they qualified to join the pure Choir? God! Is the Holy Church this corrupt? How can this be! The glory of the God is stained! God! Please punish these fake followers!” the young Priest prayed.

He knew that someone in the Execution Team must have ordered the people in this church to do this. Otherwise, the people here won’t be daring enough to do something like this……

Also, it seemed like Red-Robed Deacon Pellegrini permitted this to happen, and it made Jessie even madder.


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  1. django20

    Only if the church was as hard on so called heretics as its fake followers within they would actually be a decent organization.

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