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Hail the King Chapter 467.1

Chapter 467: Rebound (Part One)

“What? Never seen it before? How?” Fei was deeply disappointed by this answer, and he couldn’t think straight for a moment.

Hazel Bank took another look at Fei and seemed to have realized that this structure was significant to this King. After he gave it more thoughts, he added, “Your Majesty, although I have entered the Mythical Palace three times, I haven’t even covered one-twentieth of the total area. Perhaps the altar you are talking about is in other regions. After all, you said that its style is very similar to the buildings in the Mythical Palace.”

“Oh? I see,” Fei said as hope restored in his mind. He asked, “You haven’t even gone through the entire Mythical Palace?”

The Undead Mage laughed and replied, “Of course. Perhaps the ten Sun-Class Lords who joined forces 500 years ago had been through the entire Mythical Palace. Anyone who is below the Sun-Class couldn’t have done it; it is too dangerous in there. Even Full Moon Elites had died in there.”

Fei nodded and got a new understanding of the dangers hidden in the Mythical Palace.

However, Fei’s wasn’t afraid. It didn’t matter how dangerous it was; he had to find the Mythical Altar. That was the only way that he could save Angela and Elena. Perhaps the mysterious map he got from Soros’ Merchant Group could be of help.

“Eh, since this is the case, I will join you guys and explore the Mythical Palace two days later,” Fei decided and didn’t hide his intent, “I’m looking for that altar; it is very important to me.”

“Ok, since Your Majesty want to go there, I could be your guide.” Hazel Bank quickly got into character; he was placing Fei’s safety and potential growth before everything else.

To be honest, he didn’t want Fei to go. After all, it was too dangerous in there, and even Sun-Class Lords might even die.

However, after he saw the decisiveness on Fei’s face, he knew that he couldn’t stop him. On the second thought, he knew that an excellent sailor couldn’t be trained on a calm lake; if this young King were going to face off the mammoth-like Holy Church, he would need to get used to danger. All of these experiences were necessary for fast growth.

What this Undead Mage didn’t know was that Fei had been through too many dangerous situations in Diablo World; this young man was pretty much dancing on the edge of a blade all the time. If the injuries in Diablo World were to be carried into the real world, scars would have covered Fei’s entire body.

“Great! Now that is done, let me check your wounds. I might be of help,” Fei said as he switched back to Necromancer Mode. Although a cultivator should never let people who he or she just met inject their energies into his or her body, Hazel Bank trusted Fei enough to let him send dashes of the Death Energy into his body.

The snake-like Death Energy flowed into Hazel Bank’s body, and Fei soon made a discovery.

“Huh? Just like I suspected……”

As the Death Energy traveled in the energy connections and channels in Hazel Bank’s body, Fei closed his eyes and sensed the terrible condition this Undead Mage was in.

Although Hazel Bank was cultivating the Undead Energy, there were clouds of Holy Power inside his body. Like corrosive poison, these clouds of Holy Power had been eating away Hazel Bank life energy and flesh. These clouds of Holy Power were left in his body by all the masters of the Holy Church who he battled, and they had almost taken over!

The Undead Energy and the Holy Power; these two opposite forces battled in Hazel Bank’s body viciously, and this battle continued to destroy the surroundings.

This terrible condition was the reason for Hazel Bank’s drop in strength.

If this trend continued, the Undead Mage’s strength would decrease even further, and his lifespan might drop as well.

“Since this is the case, it is easy. Hehe, be gone!” Fei shouted after he figured out the situation. The grey mist flowed out of his pores, and the supreme Death Energy started to devour the residual Holy Power inside Hazel Bank’s body.

The Death Energy was one of the most powerful energy in this world, and it was the Holy Power’s kryptonite. Even though Priest Balesi was a Moon-Class Elite and Fei was only a Six-Star Necromancer a few months back, Fei was still able to seize the victory. Therefore, although the Holy Power in Hazel Bank’s body was powerful, it wasn’t being controlled by a master, so it was defenseless against Fei’s Death Energy.

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