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Hail the King Chapter 468.1

Chapter 468: More Secrets Revealed (Part One)

“The Undead Energy in this world is too gloomy, and its appearance is much inferior to the Holy Power…… No wonder most of the people in this world reject it. However, only masters could tell that the Undead Energy is gloomy but not evil. It is not inferior to the Holy Power in terms of effectiveness and strength,” Fei thought.

As time passed by, Hazel Bank’s strength skyrocketed. It finally slowed down around level 9 top-tier New Moon; he was only a step away from breaking into the powerful Half Moon.

“Haha! Great! Now my strength has recovered to a bit! The safety of our trip just got better! Also, my strength will recover as the time goes by,” Hazel Bank’s voice sounded from the palace, and he was in a much better condition.

Soon, the energy surge around his body calmed down.

At the moment, Fei would have to run away as the Nightmare Mode Level 16 Barbarian if this Undead Mage wanted to fight him. [Snow Mountain Hermit] would be defenseless in front of Hazel Bank, and he probably couldn’t even get away safely if he tried.

Fei zapped his mouth and thought, “He is already this powerful with only a small portion of his strength. If he climbed back to his prime, he probably would be a Full Moon Elite who is only one step away from the realm of Sun-Class.”

“Your Majesty, thank you for your help. From now on, your wishes are my duties and honors!” The Undead Mage bowed at Fei respectfully and used the salute that he would only use when talking to the Undead Pope. It was evident that he was determined to serve Fei.

On top of the fact that Fei healed him, Fei’s identity as [Death’s Favorite Child] and the potential savior of the Undead Shrine gave this Undead Mage a ton of hope.

Fei was surprised and joyous at Hazel Bank’s attitude. With such a powerful master beside him, the King no longer needed to handle everything by himself.

“Hey, kid! Come here! Help me too……” Arthur shouted. He was very envious since Fei cleansed Hazel Bank’s body. Since his injuries were the same as Hazel Bank’s, he wanted Fei to do the same to him.

Fei rubbed his chin and said intentionally, “You? I can’t. I’m not a veterinarian……”

Arthur didn’t know what to say; he stared at Fei with his big eyes as a sad expression appeared on his face.

“Haha! I’m kidding! However, I couldn’t cure you right now; I’m not familiar with the structure of a dragon body. Even though you are only based on a dragon skeleton, I might mess something up if I direct my energy through your body right now. I have a bottle of potion here to help you ease some of the negative effects of the injuries,” Fei said as he took out a bottle of purple [Full Rejuvenation Potion].

“His Majesty is right. Your body is different from humans, so I should try to think of a way to cure you,” Hazel Bank, Arthur’s creator, said. He knew Arthur the best, and he agreed with Fei’s conservative approach.

Fei returned to Dual-Flags City before dawn.

The consecutive wins gave the residents a lot of hope, and the soldiers were motivated. The people of Dual-Flags City started to live as if the war wasn’t going on, and everything was happening in an orderly fashion. Since Fei had the help from people such as old Aryang, Cech, and Ribry, he was able to delegate his duties and be freer.

Since water kept on flying out of the water wells, Fei ordered the soldiers to lock down the area and forbidden anyone from coming into the region. The residents of Dual-Flags City could get their water from a pond that was connected to the water wells.

Mythical Gate was about to open, and Fei was able to enjoy the calmness before the storm.

Although ordinary people couldn’t detect anything, Fei was able to sense the tension in the air. After all, more than a dozen powerful sensations were around the city.

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