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Hail the King Chapter 468.2

Chapter 468: More Secrets Revealed (Part Two)

The weakest one among them was only a Nine-Star Warrior, but this person was still able to enter the city without being discovered by the soldiers.

Fei stayed in the watchtower on the west gate and released his powerful aura directly. The sensation of the Nightmare Mode Level 16 Barbarian was filled with danger, and it was a warning to all of those masters who were hiding around Dual-Flags City. It was telling them not to cause any trouble.

This warning was very effective; a full day passed by peacefully. Those masters had to obey the unwritten rules as if they were mice that saw a cat.

The night arrived, and there was only one day until the opening of the Mythical Gate.

Fei went back to the Mayor’s Mansion and spent some time with Elena and Angela who were still unconscious. After he chatted with Emma and comforted her, he went into a side building and entered Diablo World.



“Ah!!!! Baal won’t forgive you!”

Inside the Catacombs in the Monastery on the Tamoe Highlands, the former [Flower of Rogue] Andariel who got turned into a demon screamed and died in her blood.

After he entered Diablo World in Nightmare Mode, Fei killed a ton of monsters and finally completed the final quest in [Rogue Encampement].

Andariel was a woman whose life was filled with tragedy. She got pushed into the forces of Hell by the darkness in human nature in the Monastery, and she fell in love with Diablo.

Now, she had died to Fei for the eighth time.

For some reason, Fei would think of Elena every time he saw Andariel. Both girls were named [Flower of Rogue]; although they fates were different, they were equally passionate about love. They were willing to give up everything including their lives for love!

There were a ton of items dropped by Andariel.

As the final boss in [Rogue Encampment] in Nightmare Mode, the quality of the drops was top-tier. One of them was a level 6 belt; it was silver and about 30 centimeters wide. There were a lot of decorative engravings on it, and it contained 20 storage units, much better than the belt Fei was using which contained only 12 storage units. Fei instantly equipped this belt.

At this moment, his Barbarian Character was Nightmare Mode Level 20, which was equivalent to level 1 mid-tier New Moon in the real world.

After cleaning up the battlefield, Fei went back to [Rogue Encampment] without hesitation via a [Town Portal Scroll]. After getting the rewards from the NPC, he sold some of the items he didn’t need and went to [Lut Gholein] with the help from Warriv

In Nightmare Mode, this city with the name of [Pearl in the Desert] was still ragged. The ancient buildings and deserted streets added to its state of desolation. There were only a few NPCs in this huge city, and thick layers of sand could be seen everywhere on the street.

The only difference was that Fei instantly sensed powerful evil sensations when he stepped into this city.

It was evident that the monsters on this map were much more powerful than before.

As Fei was about to go to the NPC for the first quest, that mysterious and cold voice suddenly sounded by his ear, “Haha! Congratulation, young man! You have advanced and are able to explore more mysteries in this world. Haha! Go on! There are a lot more surprises waiting for you! Hahahaha……”

This voice made Fei pause for a few seconds.

Fei was wondering why he didn’t get any rewards for completing all quests in the first map, and this mysterious and cold voice appeared in time to answer that question on his mind. It looked like he got something intangible, and he couldn’t detect it yet.

After a moment of pause, he continued to kill monsters to level up on the second map.

The Mythical Gate was about to open, and he had to hurry up and increase his strength. That was the only way that he could maximize the chance of finding that Mythical Altar.

After two hours, Fei was severely injured as blood covered his body. The monsters on the second map were a lot stronger, and they were a lot more dangerous to Fei. But after he worked hard and completed the first two quests in [Lut Gholein], [Radament’s Lair] and [The Horadric Staff], he was now a Nightmare Mode Level 24 Barbarian.

At this moment, he finally realized what that mysterious and cold voice meant by ‘more surprises’. When he got to the portal on [Dry Hills], he suddenly sensed a series of magic energy surge from it.

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  1. Walensium

    Level 24 nightmare barbarian is already lvl1 mid tier new moon? I wonder if he will reach top tier moon class around level 50/60? Since there is also the sun class lord to achieve.

  2. Leon

    This is CN novel so must have more rank and class.
    Star, moon and sun. Above that well be…… Galaxy? Universe? Black hole maybe xD

  3. Rubik

    Is elena not affected by the 5 hour duration limit even tho she is unconcious?

  4. Buhri

    Lvl 1 new moon? He still needs to get lvl. 9 new moon afterwards there are still 2 or 3 sub realms isn’t there? Like half moon and full moon… If each sub realm have 9 levels, he is going to need be what level to become a sun realm or moon class peak?

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