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Hail the King Chapter 469.1

Chapter 469: Possibility of Constructing a Teleportation Array (Part One)

Fei had seen more than a dozen teleportation arrays like this, but he had never felt anything special; they were all cold like pieces of props. Now, this teleportation array in front of him was vivid and lively as if it had a mind of its own.

After he closed his eyes and carefully sensed this teleportation array, Fei was even more shocked.

He suddenly had an idea, and his Spirit Energy poured out like a waterfall. It started to penetrate through this ugly-looking and straightforward teleportation array slowly.

Fei had tried to do this in Normal Mode, but he wasn’t successful. This time, it was unprecedentedly smooth. Fei’s Spirit Energy almost instantly entered the core array and detected the principles and theories behind its operation. Gradually, Fei understood what it took to create a teleportation array.

This sudden change made Fei feel like an icy goddess who rejected all men suddenly turned to a passionate lady and went into his arm voluntarily. What was impossible before seemed very easy now.

“Oh! So, this is the key to creating the long-distance teleportation array! Haha! If this is the case, then it could be mimicked in the real world! The Gods are on my side!” Fei was way too excited. This was like the icing on the cake! The teleportation array would be a strategic weapon! The elite soldiers of Chambord would be able to travel a long distance instantly and attack enemies from their back.

After spending half an hour, Fei already figured out the details of the teleportation array, including the materials used and their sizes.

After calculating the time, he knew that there was only one hour left. Fei didn’t continue to kill monsters; instead, he went into the mysterious stone room and found Akara and Cain who were studying [Demon King’s Wisdom]. He quickly told them about how the teleportation array was constructed.

“What? Is that it?…… No wonder……” Akara had an epiphany after hearing what Fei said, but she soon shook her head.

“What are you thinking about?” Fei frowned.

Cain had an epiphany as well and continued where Akara left off, “No wonder we couldn’t figure out the accurate spatial coordinates for the other side of the array. In fact, the teleportation arrays don’t use spatial coordinates! Haha! We got started on the wrong foot! How could we figure it out? Haha! Now with your explanation, I think we would be able to create such a teleportation array!”

Fei was excited.

“How sure?” he asked.

“How sure? 80% sure,” Akara replied as she quickly recorded down the theories Fei had observed. In the meantime, she hurried Cain and asked him to start refining their current design of the teleportation array. Cain had to translate the magic theories in Diablo World into the magic theories on Azeroth Continent; that was the only way to make sure that the teleportation arrays would work.

“80% sure?” Fei nodded. This probability was very high; it meant that it was very plausible.

Since the question that had bothered them for so long got answered, the two mad scientists fell into a state of excitement. They went back to their research and completely ignored the King who was the Supreme Leader of [Rogue Encampment] on paper. Fortunately, the King was already used to this type of treatment and didn’t find it awkward. As he patted his own head in self-mockery and was about to leave, Cain suddenly thought of something. He shouted, scratched his head, and threw three small circular black items to Fei. They were about the size of a child’s palm, and they looked like badges.

“I almost forgot. We created these gadgets unintentionally when we were studying the imprisonment ruins on the walls. They could help people who are below the realm of Sun-Class in the real world to hide their auras. Although they couldn’t be considered as God-tier items, they are interesting. Since you are such a prankster, I think they might be of use to you,” Cain said as he kept his focus on the work at hand and waved at Fei; it felt like he was asking Fei to GTFO so the King won’t get in their way.

“Huh? Interesting. Do they have a name?” Fei suddenly turned around and asked before stepping into the portal.

“Eh, no. You can name them. Also, get out of our faces! Don’t come here in three days to bother us!” Akara who was also in the zone said to him impatiently.

Fei was speechless……


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