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Hail the King Chapter 469.2

Chapter 469: Possibility of Constructing a Teleportation Array (Part Two)

Two days later.

Inside the underground ocean.

It was dark everywhere, and the silence in here seemed terrifying.

Although it was located about 400 meters below the ground, the ocean wasn’t calm. Dashes of undercurrents that had various speeds were in the ocean. The rapid ones could destroy metal swords, and the gentle ones felt like breezes.

Suddenly, a huge noise sounded.

The hard rock surface on top of the ocean suddenly exploded, and four figures penetrated through the ground and dashed into the ocean. Colorful Warrior Energy Flames appeared around them and created a ton of bubbles, and they dived into the water rapidly with powerful auras around them.

These four people weren’t weak; two of them were already peak Nine-Star Warriors and were only one step away from becoming Moon-Class Elites, and the other two were already Moon-Class Elites. Their powers were a little reserved, and it was evident that they were here for the Mythical Gate.

Their arrival destroyed the usual calmness of the ocean.

As if they were the first few drops of rain in a storm, more and more masters with powerful Warrior Energy and Magic Energy penetrated through the ground and entered the ocean. Instantly, the dark ocean was lit up; it looked like that many fireworks were being displayed, beautiful yet strange.

These masters had a high awareness of the surroundings. Except for the people who they came with, they kept a good distance from other parties as they dived down.

“Daniel, why don’t we enter through the water wells in Dual-Flags City? Why do we need to consume our Warrior Energy and pierce through 400 meters of land? It is not wise,” out of the four people who dived into the underground ocean first, a peak Nine-Star Warrior who had a huge scar on his face complained.

“Shut up!” a master beside him who was a level 3 low-tier New Moon Warrior looked around and shouted in a low voice, “What do you know? When the King of Chambord advanced into Moon-Class, the phenomenon created was insane! We don’t want to offend someone like him! He already locked down the water wells; if we entered without permission and triggered him, we might lose the privilege of entering the Mythical Gate! Look around! Which one of them entered through the water wells? Which one of them dares to offend the King of Chambord? Humph! There are a ton of masters around! If you say the wrong thing, don’t hate us for not protecting you!”

This man must have the highest status in the group. Although the man who got scolded was displeased and got a little angry, he lowered his head and didn’t dare to talk back.

At this moment, booming noises sounded.

Not too far above them, three figures appeared in the underground ocean in a dominating fashion. Their speed of diving was extremely fast.

Although there weren’t any Warrior Energy Flames around them, the cold water couldn’t get within two meters of them.

“They entered through the water wells? Such power! No wonder they aren’t worried about offending the King of Chambord!” All the masters in the region were shocked, and they avoided these three people as if they were poisonous snakes and didn’t want to create any conflicts with them. These people were the real masters and the main characters in this exploration inside the Mythical Palace.

There were only 30 minutes left before the opening of the Mythical Gate.

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