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Hail the King Chapter 470.1

Chapter 470: Rumors Said That This Man is Vicious (Part One)

On a sand hill five kilometers away from Dual-Flags City.

“Is it time to go?” Fei turned around and asked Undead Mage Hazel Bank and Undead Bone Dragon Arthur who were both wearing light armors and black evil masks that looked like the face of Hello Kitty. The armors and the masks were both made by busty Blacksmith Charsi in Diablo World using [Black Stone Essences] and [Demon’s Remains].

Fei tried hard not to laugh.

They looked stylish and resembled the people from the movie [Men in Black]. If this Undead Mage had a magic wand that could erase other people’s memories, it would be even better.

[Demon’s Remains] were, in fact, bones of ancient masters who died long ago, and they were naturally compatible with different forms of energies. To an Undead Mage, sets of armors like these were treasures. When Fei took out the armors about ten minutes ago, he thought Hazel Bank and Arthur would dislike them since they looked too fashionable. However, these two immediately identified the materials used, and they almost robbed them from Fei.

“Waha! Oh, the Mythical Gate is about to open! Let’s go!”

Arthur patted the armor on his body as he punched on the ground. A terrifying energy surge appeared, but this Undead Bone Dragon was able to control the force. Not a single bit of energy was wasted, and the energy was directed on the ground to create a deep hole that had a two-meter diameter.

Soon, some clouds of chilly mist were visible.

“Let’s go!” Arthur said before jumping into the hole. As his body fell, he continued to punch down, and the ground that was as hard as iron broke and cracked like a piece of tofu.

Fei and Hazel Bank followed Arthur and jumped down as well.

Except for Hazel Bank and Arthur, Fei didn’t bring anyone else. This mission was dangerous; even Nine-Star Warriors had a high probability of dying if Moon-Class Elites didn’t protect them. The warriors of Chambord were all too weak; they couldn’t handle this situation yet.

Arthur was diving deep into the ground like a drill head.

Over 90% of his strength originated from his physical body. The bones of a dragon were much more robust than the bones of ordinary Moon-Class Elites; they were comparable to God-tier weapons. In fact, Arthur’s body was probably even stronger than Fei’s! This boy’s speed of breaking the ground was insane as the three of them traveled through 400 meters of land and entered the underground ocean in just a few seconds!

“The Mythical Gate is about to open, and we will encounter masters from the Holy Church for sure. You two should try not to make any moves as it would minimize the chance of our plan being ruined. Whatever happens next, I will handle them!”

As soon as they entered the water, Fei created a huge silver light sphere that was more than ten meters in diameter to block out the water. Then, they dashed towards the bottom of the ocean rapidly.

Currently, Fei was a Nightmare Mode Level 24 Barbarian, and he added the 100 attribute points all to his [Strength]. Right now, he was equivalent to a level 4 mid-tier New Moon Elite! Compared with a few days ago, he was a lot more powerful! Therefore, even though he was carrying two people with him, he could still resist the water pressure with ease.

Soon, they got close to the bottom.

The structures at the bottom of the ocean were already visible, and a white light was shining on them, lighting up the dark ocean. Within the water that was about 200 meters from the bottom, many mermaid-like creatures, that were about four meters long, were swimming around quickly like dashing arrows.

Fei and the other two stopped 300 meters away from the bottom.

This was the closest they could get to the Mythical Palace since there was the invisible energy barrier, and no one was able to dive deeper.

At this moment, there were already a ton of masters there. The sheer number shocked Fei as there were just too many masters who wanted to try their luck here. It was hard to believe that these people all hid around Dual-Flags City in the last couple of days. Masters from 500,000 kilometers away probably even came, not just the ones in Zenit and Jax.

The weakest masters among them were Seven-Star Warriors, and they could only dive down this deep because they had the help of unique magic items that could eliminate some water pressure. Also, there were masters there who had intense and dangerous auras. Fei couldn’t even detect their real strength, and no one dared to stand within 100 meters of them.

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  1. BellCross Wolfstein

    The power levels of moon rank is so confusing.

  2. Buhri

    I hope it this “adventure” don’t take a lot of time… I don’t like these kind of chapters very much… Most of the time I just skim through them

  3. Kato X

    From what I understood the Moon Rank is divided in three Big levels(new Moon,Half Moon and Full Moon),each level has three tiers(low tier,mid tier and High tier) and each tier have 9 or 10 levels so they can breaktrough the next tier,so its like that: the weakest rank is New Moon low tier level 1 so in order to breakthrough they need to go from:
    low Tier (level 1 …level 10)
    Mid tier (level 1 …level 10)
    High tier (level 1 …level 10)
    after that they become Half Moon and they have to go trough the same:
    low Tier (level 1 …level 10)
    Mid tier (level 1 …level 10)
    High tier (level 1 …level 10)
    after that they become Full Moon and they probably need to do the same so they can breaktrough to Sun Class.
    Thanks for the chapter.

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