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Hail the King Chapter 470.2

Chapter 470: Rumors Said That This Man is Vicious (Part Two)

The Mythical Gate wasn’t open yet, so everyone waited patiently.

Fei’s dominating presence instantly attracted a lot of attention, and everyone knew who he was after sensing the wild and terrifying energy of the silver light sphere. As a result, the people standing close to him all moved away.

Since the King’s name and history was known to these masters, they were all a little afraid of him.

“The King of Chambord is here! Guys! Be careful! Keep some distance away from this character; rumors said that this man is vicious……”

“The King of Chambord? God! His strength increased again? What level is he on now? I can’t see through him! How is he able to achieve this? Is he the reincarnation of a god?”

“Who are those two beside him? I never heard of them before. Strange attires…… They aren’t Saint Seiyas of Chambord! Could they be the masters whom the King of Chambord just recruited? Eh…… I can’t sense their auras…… The King of Chambord is getting more and more powerful by the day! Once Yassin dies, who could stop him in Zenit?”

“The presence of a tiger and the temperament of an eagle…… His figure and look are both top-tier…… This young man isn’t simple! He must be a genius like Yassin! In a few years, no one would be able to battle him! A new ruler of the land has emerged!”

“Hehe, he is the King of Chambord? I heard that there are a lot of good treasures on him. Once we get into the Mythical Palace, I will find an opportunity to kill him and seize his treasures. Hehe, why are you afraid of a young man?”

“He was originally an idiot…… He advanced to the Moon-Class in such a short time, so there must be a big secret on him! Could it be that he has a Legendary Technique? Hehe, I would need to question him once I get my hands on him. Haha! If I can grasp his secrets, becoming a peak Full Moon Elite and potentially advancing into the realm of Sun-Class won’t be impossible! Haha!”

Many masters around Fei stopped looking at him. Some of them told their peers not to mess with Fei, some of them were shocked by Fei’s strength, some of them seemed calm but were planning something murderous, and some of them glanced at Fei with ill-intent on their minds.

“Humph! Do you want to die? How dare you!”

After seeing an old man, who had a triangular face and was wearing a black robe, sneering at him, Fei suddenly snorted and punched out. The silver fist mark that occupied a space of half a meter cubed instantly traveled through the water and got to in front of this old man.

“Damn! You reckless brat! Others might be scared of you, but I’m not! I haven’t got the chance to capture and interrogate you, and you are attacking me, the King of Black Sand? Hahaha! Great! I will capture you alive now, and I will make you tell me all of your secrets when we get into the Mythical Palace!”

This old man was angry at first, but he was soon thrilled. He was trying to find an excuse to capture the King of Chambord, and the young King attacked him first.

This gave him the perfect excuse! Therefore, he quickly opened his palm and tried to grab the silver fist mark.

This triangular-faced old man was a master from a level 2 empire that was 250,000 kilometers away, and his nickname was the King of Black Sand. He was infamous for a long time; he enjoyed killing others, and he was already a level 8 low-tier New Moon Elite more than ten years ago.

He used 90% of his Warrior Energy in his palm, and he thought he would be able to crush the weak-looking silver fist mark easily. However, as soon as he touched it, unprecedented energy enveloped his hand and flowed into his arm.

“No……” the King of Black Sand’s face changed color as he growled. Soon, that growl turned into a scream.

In the next second, as if a hammer smashed him, this old man got knocked away more than 40 meters, and blood spurted out of his mouth. Half of his arm got turned into blood mist and bone dust, and the white bone would be seen from the wound. His yellow face paled, and he couldn’t believe what had happened.

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