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Hail the King Chapter 471.1

Chapter 471: Enter (Part One)

As soon as he saw Fei’s sharp eyes, this old man shivered in fear. He finally realized what kind of trouble he caused, and he felt like he just committed suicide. It was too late for him to regret his actions, and his mind was overtaken by fear.

“Escape! Quick!”

This was the first thought that appeared in the King of Black Sand’s mind. Before he could think of anything else, he turned around subconsciously and dashed away. It was evident that he won’t get much out of this exploration now with this severe injury. He could barely stand the insane water pressure, and the others who hated his guts might even kill him.

The masters in the area witnessed this, and they all sensed chills in their bones.

This level 8 low-tier New Moon Elite couldn’t even take one strike from the King of Chambord! It was shocking to them!

“This young King is as vicious as the rumors said to be. The King of Black Sand only looked at him in the wrong way, and this old man got beaten!” the masters all thought.

They stayed away from Fei even further as they were afraid that the young King might target them next.

As soon as Fei succeeded in the first strike, he was about to strike again to kill this poisonous and ill-intent old man without hesitation.

Fei wasn’t someone who was inhumane and liked killing. From the look on the King of Black Sand’s face, he was able to tell that this man was powerful and extremely sinister. Since Fei was already one of his targets and he got injured, Fei wasn’t going to let this opportunity slide. If this man were willing to drop his dignity and attack Chambord using all methods, Chambord would face a disaster.

As Fei was about to chase this enemy and kill off all troubles, a sudden change took place. Energy surges appeared underneath the invisible energy barrier, and all the masters became anxious.

Suddenly, dashes of bright lights shot out of the structures at the bottom of the ocean and enveloped the masters. Soon, bright light dots appeared in the ocean; there were so many of them that they looked like stars in the sky. Then, these light dots started to move, and they formed many silver strips then many silver images.

As if an invisible pen was drawing in this ocean, 20 arched light gates that were six meters tall and three meters wide appeared after 30 seconds of commotion.

There were many silver magic runes on these light gates, and the engraving patterns on them were mystic and complicated. All of these combined with the smooth curves of these gates, and everything looked beautiful and ancient.

It was obvious that these 20 arched light gates were the legendary Mythical Gate.

“Opened! The Mythical Gate finally appeared!” a Moon-Class Elite shouted.

He reacted the fastest and dashed towards a light gate closest to him. After a white light flashed on the gate, he disappeared. In the next second, he appeared in the area that was blocked off by the invisible energy barrier. His appearance disturbed the mermaid-like creatures down there, and they all rushed at this man while screaming. It was evident that they wanted to tear him apart.

The battle instantly took place. That master used his powerful techniques, and all the mermaid-like creatures that were within three meters of him were turned into clouds of blood mist.

Now, everyone else woke up from the surprise, and they rushed toward the light gates beside them.

“Your Majesty, there are a ton of ancient magic traps and killing mechanisms in the Mythical Palace. As time passes by, unknown changes might have occurred there. We can wait up and let these people test it out first,” the Undead Mage whispered into Fei’s ear.

“Eh, you are right. Let me kill that triangular-faced old man first! He will create limitless trouble for us!” Fei replied as he got ready to chase.

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  1. OG

    Why am I seeing the little mermaid kingdom/world….. Boo. Need more descriptions of this place….

    Thank you!

  2. BellCross Wolfstein

    Damn, they’re killing little mermaids.

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