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Hail the King Chapter 472.1

Chapter 472: Gratitude (Part One)

The viciousness of the mermaid-like creatures was shocking; it seemed like they were driven by their basic instincts and not intelligence. Fei waved his hand and let a small mermaid-like creature into the silver light sphere. Now, he was finally able to get a better look at this creature.

This thing was hideous. Its lower body looked just like a fish, and it had a ton of sticky black liquid on its scales. The six fins on its body were as sharp as knives, and its tail was full of bone spikes. Its upper body resembled a human as features like breasts and belly button could be vaguely seen. Its face was 80% similar to a human’s, but a layer of thin white membrane covered its eyes, and it had a mouth full of nail-like sharp teeth. It looked very vicious.

This creature that got seized by Fei was struggling to get free, but it was no match for Fei’s insane force. However, even though this creature was captured, it opened its mouth and let out a sound wave that could kill Six-Star Warriors.

Fei was disappointed after a period of observation.

Just like the Berserk Metal-Eating Ants, the mermaid-like creatures only had the killing instinct; there was no way that they could be tamed.

Fei observed the surroundings closely and identified some details that he didn’t discover before.

It seemed like these mermaid-like creatures occupied the areas 200 meters above the Mythical Palace, and they were hard stuck there.

“What kinds of food sources did this vicious species rely on to survive throughout the years? And why are they here? Anyone who is in this area is being attacked by them mercilessly,” Fei thought.

“Ah! No! Help!” a peak Nine-Star Warrior was surrounded and attacked by the creatures, and they tore through his defense. In just a second, he got chewed up into pieces.

Bloody scenes like this were taking place at multiple locations.

The masters who were weaker and still wanted to try out their luck underestimated the danger hidden in this place. In less than ten minutes, more than 30 Nine-Star Warriors were eaten by the mermaid-like creatures at the bottom of the ocean. The nose-piercing blood and the dismembered body parts of the masters flowed in the water, and they irritated the creatures even more.

Fei felt terrible for the masters who were getting massacred beside him.

The King expanded his silver light sphere like a balloon, and the human masters who were about to die were all protected by it. A few Nine-Star Warriors who got their Warrior Energy Flames broke apart already closed their eyes to wait for their deaths, but the intense pain they anticipated didn’t come. When they opened their eyes again, they realized that they were inside the silver light sphere, and the mermaid-like creatures could only slam their bodies against the light sphere but couldn’t break through.

“It is the King of Chambord! He saved us!”

The masters who got saved quickly understood the situation, and they were now scared since the death has passed them; it was a normal psychological reaction. However, after they looked at Fei, they realized that this King who just got into power wasn’t that vicious and ruthless at all. They felt an unprecedented sense of security, and they looked at Fei with admiration in their eyes.

Soon, the diameter of Fei’s silver light sphere increased to 20 meters, but Fei still looked comfortable.

In the end, he decided to travel and inspect the area, and he saved the masters who were in danger when he could. After ten minutes, there were more than 30 people inside Fei’s silver light sphere, and they were almost out of the attack range of the mermaid-like creatures.

Suddenly, Fei sensed another powerful invisible energy barrier that protected the structures at the bottom of the ocean, and there were also 20 arched gates.

Fei suddenly realized something. It seemed like the mermaid-like creatures were sandwich in between the two invisible energy barriers, so they couldn’t go up or down and could only stay in this part of the ocean that was about 100 meters deep like fishes in a fish tank. Although they only had 100 meters of vertical space, the horizontal space seemed limitless; there was enough room for all these terrifying creatures.

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  1. OG

    Ahhh thank you book. This is no longer like the little mermaid kingdom in my head….

  2. BellCross Wolfstein

    Nope, forget about my comment in the previous chapter about the little mermaids. Damn, they’re scary.
    And this is actually the perfect time for fei to recruit powerful star warriors.

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